Campaign news archive - July 2016

Chilcot: The Oil Vultures

A section from the Chilcot Report: Post-Saddam Hussein oil contracts 850. During October and November 2002, UK oil companies expressed concern to the Government about securing future oil contracts in Iraq. [continue...]

LRC Statement: Whose Party is this Anyway?

LRC STATEMENT Whose Party is this Anyway? Does the Labour Party belong to the hundreds of thousands of activists, members, supporters and affiliated trades unionists across the country? Or is it the property of politicians in Westminster? [continue...]

John McDonnell on the leadership battle

John McDonnell on the leadership battle This talk was given by John McDonnell on Wednesday 29 June at a Stand Up for Labour event in the George IV pub in Chiswick, West London. The transcript has been lightly edited to account for the difference between spoken and written language but the content is unchanged.  [continue...]

Ten good things about the Chakrabarti Report

Shami Chakrabarti has written a good, balanced report, salutes the anti-racist history of the Labour Party and makes some detailed amendments to the Party rule book, says Mike Phipps, who highlights some of the findings. [continue...]

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