‘Defend the Union Link’ campaign news

Labour’s Special Conference Report

Labour’s Special Conference Round One to the anti-union forces, but a lot to fight for Pete Firmin, Political Secretary, LRC [continue...]

Reject Miliband’s ‘reforms’

Reject Miliband’s ‘reforms’: a ticking time-bomb which could destroy Labour as we know it, warn critics on the left [continue...]

Reject the Collins Report!

Reject the Collins Report! Statement by the LRC EC Ed Miliband wants the proposals of the Collins Report to be agreed at the recall Labour Party Conference on March 1st unchallenged. He claims that a vote in favour would be a big step forward for democracy within the Labour Party. He declares that the proposals, “are about opening up the Labour Party so that more people from every walk of life can have more say on the issues which matter to them most.” [continue...]

PRESS: News from the Scottish Labour Campaign for Socialism (CfS)

News from the Scottish Labour Campaign for Socialism (CfS) The CfS is angered by the decision of Labour’s NEC to endorse the Collins’ proposals. [continue...]

Collins Review: Miliband successfully digs himself out of hole.

Collins Review:
Miliband successfully digs himself out of hole. Labour remains in hole [continue...]

Collins Report - Passed by the NEC

This is the Collins report (courtesy of the Guardian) presented to the NEC yesterday 4th February. This was voted for 28 to 2 with one abstention.  A sad day for the Labour Party. [continue...]

Labour: reject the Collins Report!

Labour: reject the Collins Report! By Martin Thomas, Ray Collins’s proposals for the Labour Party special conference on 1 March seem to, or even do, change little immediately. But they contain a time-bomb designed to change things radically, and for the worse, in five years’ time. [continue...]

Falkirk: a fuss about nothing

Falkirk: a fuss about nothing Stevie Deans was convenor at Ineos, Grangemouth, and also chair of Falkirk West Labour Party. The efforts of his union Unite to get a working class candidate selected at Falkirk were sabotaged by his employer, who seized his laptop and leaked stories about his emails to the press. Rumours of malfeasance at Falkirk LP were stoked, to their shame, by some Labour Party members. This muddied the waters of the selection process and led to a Labour Party report into the affair. The Falkirk issue was also the trigger for Ed Miliband to question the link between Labour and the unions. In the end the Party found there was no case to answer at Falkirk. [continue...]


PRESS RELEASE: 9 AUGUST 2013 [continue...]


The Labour party have now issued a document outlining how the consultation will be presented to the Labour Party Conference at the end of September. [continue...]


There will be a meeting to discuss the campaign on the 3rd September 7pm, at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London with speakers including Keith Ewing, Manuel Cortes: General Secretary TSSA, Maria Exall, Marshajane Thompson as well as other initial signatories below.  [continue...]

Spread the Word - Defend the Link

Like Maria Exall and Gary Heather below, we need to raise the consciousness of union and Labour Party rank and file of how to defend the very heart of the Labour Party.
Let us know of any resolutions passed in your branches etc. [continue...]

London Young Labour defends the trade union link

From Left Futures [continue...]

McCluskey July 24th 2013

McCluskey’s speech to Unite on the link between Labour and Unite http://www.unitetheunion.public-i.tv/core/share/open//start_time/0 [continue...]

Labour mustn’t lose it’s way

Jeremy Corbyn in the Morning Star Last Saturday we saw the largest Durham Miners’ Gala in recent memory, with inspirational speeches from TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady, Unite leader Len McCluskey and journalist Owen Jones among others. [continue...]

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