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Keep the post public

The campaign calling on the Government to abandon its plans for privatisation of Royal Mail. The Government has introduced the Postal Services Bill to part-privatise the Royal Mail. With our affiliate union CWU we are fighting to Keep the Post Public! continue...
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Royal Mail privatisation a step too far says McDonnell

The Government has today given its endorsement of the Hooper report which recommended the part-privatisation of Royal Mail. This goes against the Labour manifesto and the ‘Warwick II’ agreement in the summer. The policy change was announced by Business Secretary Lord Mandelson. [continue...]
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No Post Office Privatisation without the fight of your life, Labour supporters warn Mandelson

Following the public statements by new Business Secretary Peter Mandelson, calling for the part-privatisation of Royal Mail, Labur MPs and supporters have reacted angrily. [continue...]
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Royal Mail privatisation betrayal will unleash mass opposition

The Government will be unveiling a Bill on Thursday, 26th February to part-privatise Royal Mail. Tomorrow (24th Feb), hundreds of CWU members and community activists will be lobbying Parliament to oppose the privatisation of the Royal Mail. [continue...]
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