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The Housing Crisis Won’t be Solved by Tinkering

The Housing Crisis Won’t be Solved by Tinkering By Andrew Fisher
The Tories’ proposal to extend right to buy to housing association homes united almost every policy commentator in opposition, including the CBI and Telegraph columnists, alongside housing associations and homelessness charities. (the Telegraph headline was ‘Extending the Right to Buy is Economically Illiterate and Morally Wrong’.) [continue...]

Stop Sweets Way Evictions

Stop Sweets Way Evictions On Monday October 30th a county court gave the green light to bailiffs to go in to Sweets Way estate in the London Borough of Barnet. The bailiffs intend to evict protesters so that the homes can be bulldozed and luxury apartments built in their place.  [continue...]

PRESS: Housing Benefit reforms will cause “immense human suffering” says John McDonnell MP

LRC Chair John McDonnell MP last night condemned government proposals to cut housing benefit. John, speaking in a Parliamentary debate in the House of Commons on Housing Benefit, attacked opposition MPs for blaming tenants and not landlords for extortionate rents, and called for an emergency housing programme. [continue...]

PRESS: Labour MP calls on Government to avoid electoral suicide on housing

In December the Government will unveil its Housing Green Paper amid fears that council housing tenants rights will be attacked - following speeches by previous Housing Minister Caroline Flint. Today, the Chartered Institute of Housing has published proposals to means test and time limit council ‘secure’ tenancies. [continue...]


Defend council housing


The campaign to demand the Government funds improvements to all existing council housing, and to start building first class council homes to address housing need. For more information see Defend Council Housing website. [continue...]

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