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5 things you should know about George Osborne’s “Charter”

5 things you should know about George Osborne’s “Charter”
and why Labour will be voting against it: [continue...]

The Case against Austerity

The Case against Austerity Government debts and deficits – what’s it all about? [continue...]

Probation Privatisation

John McDonnell MP
On Monday the Government announced that plans to privatise the National Probation Service are to be delayed by two months due to difficulties in implementation. Today (Wednesday) MPs on the Justice Committee have released a damning report raising serious concerns over the Justice Secretary Chris Grayling’s whole approach.
Justice Select Committee Member. John McDonnell MP said: “The report exposes what the professionals in the field have been advising Ministers that the Government’s proposals are a risky gamble. Grayling completely screwed up the Work Programme when he was in the Department of Work and Pensions and now the evidence points to him risking the same disaster in privatising probation. The fear is that this time public safety will be put at risk.”
-ENDS- [continue...]

INEOS: Grangemouth threatened with closure

INEOS: Grangemouth threatened with closure By Mick Brooks Last week boss Jim Ratcliffe ordered Grangemouth oil refinery to be closed. He did so despite Unite calling off their threat of strike action due to take place on Sunday 20th October. This is a lockout of nearly 1,400 workers which could soon bring large parts of Britain to a standstill, with millions of jobs potentially under threat. Grangemouth supplies Scotland and Northern England with petrol and diesel, is in a supply chain with a myriad of subcontractors and is a key link in bringing North Sea oil onshore through the Forties pipeline. Ratcliffe seems determined to take on the union. On October 23rd he made a shock decision announcing the permanent closure of the plant. [continue...]

No Bedroom Tax evictions

Labour Councils should be clear in opposing Bedroom Tax evictions Statement by Labour Councillors and other anti-Bedroom Tax activists [continue...]

Hovis Pickets Pile on the Pressure!

Hovis Pickets Pile on the Pressure! Bakers’ Union members striking against the use of agency workers on zero hours contracts at the Hovis Bakery in Wigan piled pressure on the company in the early hours of this morning with some of the most effective picketing of their campaign so far. [continue...]

Press Release: Strike Action at Hovis (Premier Foods), Wigan

Press Release re: Strike Action at Hovis (Premier Foods), Wigan The issue of zero-hour contracts and the use of agency workers is one that is taking up a considerable amount of column space in both local and national newspapers at the moment. The Bakers’, Food and Allied Workers Union highlighted this exploitation back in 2011 during a dispute with a well known supplier of cake products. The current dispute with Hovis is one which has the potential to shape all future employment. It’s about the casualisation of the food industry and a race to the bottom. Unlike other disputes over workers pay and conditions, this is a fight for the right of future workers to be given a contract of employment on the same terms and conditions of those they will work alongside. It’s a fight to ensure that the local residents continue to have credible job opportunities and perhaps more importantly, that future generations in the community have the same opportunities to gain secure, well paid employment. [continue...]

Hull LRC saving our NHS

The Hull LRC are the driving force behind Save Our NHS Hull and East Yorkshire,  [continue...]

People’s Assemblies Must Become People’s Action

Labour's Future
It was good to see many LRC members at the People’s Assembly on Saturday.  Thanks to all who stopped by the stall to say hello. [continue...]

Austerity and the two Eds

Mick Brooks on Labour’s swerve to the right: There has been consternation among Labour’s supporters at two speeches from the leadership over the past week. [continue...]

FEATURE: Money for war but not for the poor

Jeremy Corbyn MP contrasts two parliamentary debates from earlier this week: one which capped the incomes of the poorest, the second which seemingly committed to open-ended ‘anti-terror’ activities in north Africa [continue...]

FEATURE: We need a coalition of resistance against local council cuts

Ted Knight argues that Labour councillors should be leading a struggle against government cuts [continue...]

FEATURE: Tackling racism, injustice and cuts in 2012, and beyond

Zita Holbourne, co-chair of Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC) sets out a campaigning strategy for the next year. [continue...]

PRESS: Government to block Private Members Bill giving Parliament a say in Appointment of new BoE Governor

The Government’s frontbench as decided to block the Private Member’s Bill, promoted by John McDonnell MP, which would give Parliament a say over the appointment of the next Governor of the Bank of England. [continue...]

PRESS: LRC statement on Free Education and 9/12 demo

The LRC condemns the Coalition government for voting through the trebling of tuition fees, for abolishing the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) and the 80% cut in central teaching grant to Higher Education institutions. [continue...]

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Across the country working people are losing their jobs and their homes. Meanwhile the bankers who plunged us into this crisis have been bailed out with billions of pounds of our money. It’s time to fight back. Their Crisis Not Ours! is the LRC’s campaign to bring together workers, pensioners, the unemployed, students, those facing repossession and all those suffering because of an economic crisis that has been imposed on us. The campaign is supporting the demands of the People’s Charter. [continue...]


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