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150 Years of International Solidarity

International solidarity

150 Years of International Solidarity The 150th Anniversary of the 1st International [continue...]

Appeal for Doncaster Healthcare Strikers

Trade Union Rights

Appeal for Doncaster Healthcare Strikers By Val Graham Yesterday I was in Doncaster (more pawnbrokers and loansharks in the high street than pits still open) to protest outside the UKIP Conference. Pride of place in the audience was a large group of healthcare strikers from UNISON who have put up a magnificent fight against their employer Care UK who, after winning the contract, tried to tear up conditions and pay. They have put up a magnificent fight and deserve the support of the whole labour movement. [continue...]

Parliament Debates Bombing Iraq

International solidarity

Parliament Debates Bombing Iraq Of the 24 Labour MPs who voted against, very few got to do more than interject with some challenging questions. Jeremy Corbyn MP spoke powerfully against the motion: [continue...]

Labour MPs Voting against the Bombing

International solidarity

Labour MPs Voting against the Bombing Labour (24 votes against, plus 1 teller) The Labour MPs who voted against were: Diane Abbott, Graham Allen, Anne
Begg, Ronnie Campbell, Martin Caton, Katy Clark, Ian Davidson, Paul
Flynn, Stephen Hepburn, Kate Hoey, Kelvin Hopkins, Sian James, Mark
Lazraowicz, John McDonnell, Iain McKenzie, Austin Mitchell, Grahame
Morris, George Mudie, Linda Riordan, Barry Sheerman, Dennis Skinner,
Graham Stringer, and Mike Wood. [continue...]

Iraq and Syria: vote NO to British involvement

International solidarity

Iraq and Syria: vote NO to British involvement The following have signed a letter in the Guardian,  calling on MPs to vote NO to British involvement in bombing Iraq and/or Syria in Parliament on Friday:- [continue...]

Post-referendum debate continues: And now the backlash

And now the backlash By Mike Phipps The panic is over. The neck and neck opinion polls that led the Westminster party leaders to make uncosted promises of greater devolution to Scotland and guarantees of bigger grant funding from the centre have unravelled within hours of the result. The “vow” to which party leaders committed offering extensive new powers to the Scottish parliament suddenly seems to be without a timetable - and locked in to a Cameron commitment to guarantee English votes on English-only issues. [continue...]

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