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Resolution on Syria

UK participation in military action in Syria
This [Branch / CLP] expresses our condemnation of the terrorist attacks in Paris for which there can be no justification, and sends condolences to the victims and their families. [continue...]


LRC 500 CLUB The LRC now needs to raise a regular income. The idea is tried and tested, and simplicity itself.  [continue...]

Scotland: Blacklisted activists demand action from MSPs

Scotland: Blacklisted activists demand action from MSPs Blacklisted activists Dave Smith and Ellenor Hutson spoke at a meeting inside the Holyrood parliament calling on MSPs to take action over the issue of blacklisting and the activities of undercover police officers in Scotland. A large number of MSPs were present including Elaine Smith, deputy speaker of the Scottish parliament.  [continue...]

Andrew Fisher’s suspension isn’t about rule-breaking – it’s about factional struggle

Andrew Fisher’s suspension isn’t about rule-breaking
– it’s about factional struggle

Andrew Fisher Suspended

Andrew Fisher Suspended The LRC is saddened and disappointed by Labour’s decision to suspend former LRC joint Secretary, Andrew Fisher, from Party membership.  Andrew has always been fully in support of the aims and values of the Labour Party.  The LRC has every confidence in Andrew’s ability to play a valuable role in providing policy advice to Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn and the wider front-bench team.  The LRC is concerned that the complaints against Andrew appear to be politically motivated by those in the Party who have opposed Jeremy’s leadership.  The LRC stands by Andrew, as it does Jeremy as Labour Leader, and calls for the lifting of Andrew’s suspension. [continue...]


ORGANISATION OF THE LEFT Resolution Passed by the LRC NC in October 2015 [continue...]

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