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The Moral Prostitutes of the Liberal Media

McRant on the Moral Prostitutes of the Liberal Media Just been reading the Sunday Guardian; almost overwhelmed with disgust - only way out a rant. [continue...]

Labour executive elections: best Left result since 1980s

Labour's Future

Labour executive elections: best Left result since 1980s with 55% of members’ votes Report from Left Futures [continue...]

Scottish referendum: time running out for ‘Yes’

Scottish referendum: time running out for ‘Yes’ By Ewan Gibbs Political life in Scotland has been dominated by September’s independence referendum since the moves towards it began about two and a half years ago, and the ‘Yes Scotland’ and ‘Better Together’ ‘No’ campaigns were launched in the summer of 2012. Since then it’s at times often felt as though things were more or less on hold in the build-up to the vote and almost every major political issue is viewed and discussed through the prism of independence. This has intensified over recent months as the official campaigning period began and the first of a series of televised debates took place. [continue...]


International solidarity

C/O LRC, PO Box 2378, London, E5 9QU The Ukraine Solidarity Campaign is issuing the following appeal from the trade unions representing workers at the ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih, the giant plant in the Ukrainian industrial metropolis of Kryvyi Rih.  Recently the miners of the city made significant gains in their dispute with the company EVRAZ.  The workers of Kryvyi Rih are setting an example to the labour movement of all Ukraine in this difficult time.  Ukraine Solidarity Campaign, a labour movement based campaign in the UK will be doing its upmost to assist them in their struggle with this corporation which is profiting from the misery of the Ukrainian workers.  We appeal to all sections of the labour movement to assist.  Please republish the appeal below (translated by Olga Papash and Nick Evans) and circulate it as widely as possible.   [continue...]

From one Israeli pogrom to another

International solidarity

From one Israeli pogrom to another By Martin Wicks Israel is in trouble. Not because of the threat from Hamas rockets but because its barbaric assault on Gaza is so patently out of all proportion to the threat they face that even their traditional supporters are raising questions about their strategy. It’s traditional supporters admit as much. Even Tory MPs are criticising the UK government.
The Economist has written an editorial entitled “winning the battle, but losing the war” (the war, that is, for world opinion), subtitled “For all its military might, Israel faces a grim future unless it can secure peace”. Yet the Israeli regime does not want a negotiated peace. [continue...]

McRant on Boris

McRant on Boris So bumbling blond buffoon Boris Johnson is going to go for an MP’s position, an essential pre requisite to his inevitable challenge for the Tory party leadership. [continue...]

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