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British Politics changed on 12th September 2015

Labour's Future

British Politics changed on 12th September 2015 The John McDonnell column in the October issue of Labour Briefing, the magazine of the LRC [continue...]

Blacklist Support Group Latest

Trade Union Rights

Blacklist Support Group Latest Points from their TUC Congress week 2015 Jeremy Corbyn & John McDonnell  [continue...]

Jeremy Corbyn’s Election as Labour Party Leader

Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour Party leader Statement by the LRC EC [continue...]


Trade Union Rights

from Unite the Union Last week we asked you to email your MP to make sure they understood exactly why they should say NO to the Trade Union Bill. [continue...]

Jeremy Corbyn’s victory speech

Labour's Future

Jeremy Corbyn’s victory speech at the special Labour Party Conference
on September 12th (extracts) [continue...]

Support Keith Henderson

Trade Union Rights

Support Keith Henderson Regular viewers of this website will be aware of the long running saga of Keith Henderson and his union, the GMB.
In 2012 he was dismissed as a full-timer for the union. He appealed. His appeal is still ongoing. An Employment Tribunal decided in 2013 that his dismissal was in part because of his “belief in left wing democratic socialism.” This is the reason a Union has for sacking someone! John McDonnell has been stalwart in Keith’s support. [continue...]

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