Campaign news archive - December 2016

After Six Wasted Years of Tory Economic Failure - The National Debt Continues to Rise

John McDonnell MP The ONS public sector finance figures out last week, show that public sector net debt has increased by £58.6bn since November 2015 and is now at £1,655.1 billion at the end of November 2016, equivalent to 84.5 per cent of GDP. [continue...]

What Momentum Should Do

By Mick Brooks Momentum was set up in the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign in 2015 to become leader of the Labour Party. This was an inspiring movement involving hundreds of thousands of people who not only joined the Labour Party to vote for Corbyn but also staffed phone banks and worked hard to convince others that his election could be a turning point in British politics. [continue...]

Meet Housing Need And Help Power The Economy!

By Barry Ewart A comprehensive housing policy by Labour would not only help to address the current housing crisis in the UK but could also help to contribute to state-led public investment which could power the economy out of recession.  To achieve this perhaps Labour could:   [continue...]

Military Action is not the Answer for Aleppo

By Liz Davies and Mike Phipps What is happening in Aleppo is a human rights calamity. [continue...]

Momentum, Democracy, The Trade Unions and The Labour Party

By Maria Exall This discussion document is an attempt to draw out the significant issues that have arisen in the debate within Momentum about its future orientation, decision making and policy making structures. The election of Jeremy Corbyn to the leadership of the Labour Party is the biggest opportunity for making the case for socialism within British politics for a generation. We must make the most of this opportunity and that includes making the right decisions on the structure of Momentum. [continue...]

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