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Labour’s NEC: Coup Attempt Latest

Labour’s NEC: Coup Attempt Latest By Rhea Wolfson: Yesterday we witnessed the newest stage of the Labour Party coup. First they thought they could publicly bully Jeremy into resigning. Then they thought they could defeat him in an honest leadership election. Finally, with no sign that Jeremy will give up nor that the membership will turn against him, they have resorted to even more underhand tactics. The bureaucracy teamed up with the Westminster corridor coupsters to rig the upcoming leadership election against Jeremy. [continue...]

The Coronation of Theresa May

The Coronation of Theresa May By Mike Phipps Febrile times. Young people no longer talking to their parents, accentuated divisions between urbanites and those outside the big cities and worst of all: a 500% reported spike in racist incidents in the first week after the EU Referendum, which apparently has now “stabilised” at a 50% increase. [continue...]

Labour Briefing Readers’ Meeting

Labour Briefing Readers’ Meeting Preparing for Power Tuesday July 19, from 6.00 pm.
Floor 2, Dept of Anthropology,
14 Taviton Street, off Gordon Square, London WC1 6BT [continue...]

Angela Eagle’s voting record

Angela Eagle’s voting record From Labour Briefing [continue...]

Challenge to Jeremy Corbyn’s Leadership

Challenge to Jeremy Corbyn’s Leadership By Mick Brooks Angela Eagle has confirmed that she will stand as Labour’s leader against Corbyn. [continue...]

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