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Time to Change the Agenda

Time to change the agenda Editorial of June Labour Briefing BBC BOSSES BREATHED A SIGH OF RELIEF that the government’s long-awaited White Paper on the Corporation’s future did not compromise its political independence as much as they had feared. But perhaps it didn’t have to. Long-term pressure on the BBC has already yielded results – government ministers are interviewed four times as often as their shadow counterparts and complaints are widespread about an anti-Corbyn bias since his election as leader last year.
Over 35,000 people signed an online petition in less than a week calling for the dismissal of BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg for her blatant anti-Labour line. But due to a handful of unrepresentative sexist comments, this was portrayed as a ‘hate campaign’ mounted by Corbyn supporters and 38 Degrees took down the petition. So legitimate concerns about bias from a publicly funded broadcaster turn into a debate about left wing sexism. The same card was played when local activists‘targeted’ Stella Creasey MP for voting to bomb Syria last December: they were demonised as ‘anti-woman’. [continue...]

Dodgy Dave has given us an enormous opportunity

Dodgy Dave has given us an enormous opportunity John McDonnell‘s column in the May 2016 issue of Labour Briefing.
Labour Briefing is the magazine of the LRC. [continue...]

Let’s seize the opportunity!

Let’s seize the opportunity! Labour Briefing Editorial February 2016 [continue...]

What We Stand For in the LRC

What We Stand For in the LRC By John McDonnell MP WITH THE ELECTION ONLY WEEKS OFF, it’s time to be clear about what the left stands for in this election campaign and in any post-election negotiations with other parties, should this become necessary. On the left we have a vision of a society that is thoroughly democratic in all aspects of our life:which is more equal so that the extremes of wealth and poverty are eliminated, [continue...]

Left Platform Shows our Potential

Left Platform Shows our Potential THE JOHN MCDONNELL COLUMN
Labour Briefing March 2015, magazine of the LRC [continue...]

Don’t Take the Left for Granted

Don’t Take the Left for Granted The John McDonnell Column,
from the November 2014 issue of Labour Briefing [continue...]

UKIP: nothing but the same old story

UKIP: nothing but the same old story By John McDonnell MP The media are in a frenzy over the electoral rise of UKIP. But why are people surprised at all about the emergence and performance of UKIP?
It falls to the left to help explain that the rise of UKIP is extremely predictable. [continue...]


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