Campaign news archive - September 2017

Labour’s NEC Report

Labour’s NEC has started to empower Party members –
but we still have a mountain to climb

Michael Calderbank
Secretary of Brent Central Constituency Labour Party and LRC NEC [continue...]

LRC Meeting at Labour Conference

LRC Meeting at Labour Conference Forward to a Labour Government  [continue...]

LRC Meeting at TUC

LRC Meeting at TUC Tories Out! Unite Our Movement to Defeat Austerity

Tuesday 12 September at 18:30–21:00 [continue...]

After Grenfell

After Grenfell By Labour Briefing Theresa May’s woes since the general election have only multiplied. To obtain a parliamentary majority, she has been forced into a confidence and supply deal with the sectarian and homophobic Democratic Unionist Party. It came with a £1 billion price tag in investment in northern Ireland - effectively a bribe - and the DUP have promised to demand more when the arrangement comes up for reconsideration in two years’ time - if May’s government lasts that long.  [continue...]


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