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The Fab 48 MPs who Voted against the Bill

The Fab 48 MPs who Voted against the Bill Below is a complete list of all the MPs who voted against the Tory Welfare ‘Reform’ Bill. The Bill is set to plunge tens of thousands of children into poverty. Among those MPs who voted against are 48 Labour MPs who rejected the advice of interim Leader of the Opposition Harriet Harman and actually opposed the Tories. Note that the LibDems and SNP members had no problem in voting ‘no’. If your MP is here, congratulate them. If they are not, have a quiet word. [continue...]

Death by Sanction

Death by Sanction Tim Salter was found hanged by his sister Linda Cooksey at his home in September 2014. He had been sanctioned by the notorious firm ATOS. That means his incapacity benefit had been cut off from December 2012 on the grounds that he was a scrounger, not seriously looking for work. Tim was penniless, as the inquest found out. [continue...]

Stop the Privatisation of the Probation Service

Stop the Privatisation of the Probation Service Chris Grayling, currently Minister of ‘Justice’, is bidding for the title of the biggest rogue on earth. He is desperate to privatise the probation service, despite the repeated failure of past privatisations.
It costs £38,000 a year to keep someone in prison, more than sending them to Eton.  Grayling’s predecessor Ken Clarke wanted to save the taxpayer a lot of money by rehabilitating criminals in the community. Good idea – rehabilitation has a better record at preventing reoffending than prison. But rehabilitation requires a properly funded probation service with trained professionals. Instead Grayling is determined to outsource 70% of probation service work to the usual suspects such as G4S and Serco. Probation chiefs fear the Tories plan to slash their budgets by £125 million - 25% - over the next four years. So this is all about saving money. [continue...]

Save our NHS!

Save our NHS! This is the text of the leaflet the LRC is distributing on Saturday 6th September as the 999NHS march arrives at London. Darlington mums have marched 300 miles from Jarrow to London to help save the NHS. We salute them. [continue...]

Starved to death – Atos to blame

Starved to death – Atos to blame This is a report from the ‘Daily Mirror’ on July 28th 2014 [continue...]

Bedroom Tax Disaster

Bedroom Tax Disaster As widely predicted by its many critics the bedroom tax has proved to be a disaster. [continue...]

Disabled people occupy Westminster in protest against Government attacks

Disabled people occupy Westminster in protest against Government attacks Disabled people and supporters opposing the closure of the Independent Living Fund have occupied a site opposite Parliament in protest against government attacks on disabled people’s right to live in the community freely and with dignity. [continue...]

Panorama: Elderly Care Exposed

Panorama: Elderly Care Exposed By Steve Mckenzie Last night’s Panorama programme ‘Behind Closed Doors: Elderly Care Exposed’ was truly shocking. It exposed the abuse and neglect in an old people’s home in Braintree in Essex run by Anglia and in homes in Croydon and West Sussex. This is the tip of the iceberg. [continue...]

Hull Councillors Suspended for Voting against Cuts

Hull Councillors Suspended for Voting against Cuts Personal Statement by Hull City Councillor Gill Kennett (Holderness Ward) [continue...]

Grim toll of government’s fit-for-work tests

Grim toll of government’s fit-for-work tests Letter to Guardian Tuesday 4th March [continue...]

Victory over debate on disabled

Victory over debate on disabled PRESS RELEASE 28/02/2014 Following a historic debate in the House of Commons, the first time in its history people with disabilities have secured a debate on a motion of their choosing, John McDonnell MP calls on the Government to implement a full cumulative impact assessment of the effects of welfare reform on sick and disabled people. [continue...]

ATOS Protests February 19th

ATOS Protests February 19th Report from Suffolk People’s Assembly On February 19th people from across the country gathered outside over 140 Assessment Centres run by ATOS, to protest against their discredited Work Capability Assessments. The protest was led by disabled activists in Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC), who have been suffering from cuts made by the Coalition government. [continue...]

FEATURE: People have had enough of being called scroungers

John McDonnell MP, LRC chair, speaking in the House of Commons debate on disability benefits and social care, 20 June 2012  [continue...]

FEATURE: We can afford welfare and housing

Andrew Fisher, LRC joint secretary and LEAP co-ordinator, puts the case for social security. On 19 May, Andrew will be speaking alongside Kevin Maguire, Teresa Pearce MP and Andy Winter at the LRC’s Brighton Festival fringe event ‘We can afford welfare and housing’. [continue...]

PRESS: Anti-poor ‘prejudice and political posturing’ reigns in Parliament, says John McDonnell MP

The Government today (1 Feb) reversed seven House of Lords amendments to the Welfare Reform Bill, and invoked a rarely used parliamentary statute to prevent any further consideration of the Bill. Restrictions to disabled people’s benefits, including cancer patients, and a cap on the amount a household can claim were the centrepieces of the government’s bill – despite massive opposition from the House of Lords, the Labour Party, welfare organisations, charities and disability campaigners. [continue...]

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Stop Welfare Reform


The LRC is supporting a broad alliance of campaign groups and trade unions against the proposals in the Welfare Reform Bill (currently before Parliament) and putting forward our alternative based on social justice and welfare for all. [continue...]


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