Campaign news archive - May 2010

The Left will not support a ‘Cuts Coalition’

The LRC Executive has rejected proposals for a coalition with the Liberal Democrats to implement ‘savage cuts’. Instead, we will build a coalition against cuts with Labour members, trade unionists and community activists. [continue...]

Left and trade unions organising coalition to defeat cuts by ‘neoliberal coalition government’

The left and trade unions have started organising a broad coalition against the incoming coalition government and its plans to cut public services, jobs, pensions and benefits. There is no popular mandate for cuts and, as in Greece, any attempt to impose them will be firmly resisted. [continue...]

LRC welcomes strong vote for Labour Left MPs

. . . votes are a mandate for resistance to cuts

LRC-backed Labour Left MPs bucked the national trend by increasing the Labour vote in their constituencies. The strong votes for these MPs demonstrates the support for a socialist alternative to the cross-party consensus on cuts. [continue...]

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