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The Left will not support a ‘Cuts Coalition’

11th May 2010

The LRC Executive has rejected proposals for a coalition with the Liberal Democrats to implement ‘savage cuts’. Instead, we will build a coalition against cuts with Labour members, trade unionists and community activists.

John McDonnell MP, LRC Chair, said

“The electorate delivered a clear message to Labour that it needs a change of direction. People have no appetite for a Tory government either, and in many areas Labour supporters marched out to the polls to stop a Tory government, despite their misgivings.

“Labour members and supporters are against any government carrying out the sort of ‘savage cuts’ promised before the election. The Labour Party should heed this message and not be part of any coalition to cut public services.

“Like a number of Labour MPs I will not support a coalition that demands ordinary people pay for the economic crisis and is seeking to force through savage cuts in public services.”

The LRC the largest rank and file, grassroots Left organisation in the Labour Party, is calling for a ‘coalition against cuts’. Labour members, supporters, trade unionists and community activists need to unite to defend the interests of working class people in a Coalition Against Cuts.

To do this effectively the LRC is calling on all socialists to join or rejoin the Labour Party to fight against the cuts and to defeat New Labour.

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