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PRESS: Emergency Budget: Redistribution from poor to big business

The Emergency Budget will redistribute wealth from the poor to big business. The Budget announced a 4% cut in corporation tax from 28% to 24%, a higher threshold for employer NI contributions and employer NI exemptions for new businesses, and a cut in the small business rate of tax. [continue...]

PRESS: Solidarity with BA workers

Unite members working at BA have started a three-day strike against the employer, after BA failed to table acceptable proposals on the issues of job cuts and crews’ fears that management is driving down standards at the airline.  [continue...]

PRESS: Who rules the country: the Government or the City?

Alistair Darling has today published his Pre-Budget Report - the last before the 2010 General Election. [continue...]

PRESS: LRC calls for justice for former Visteon workers

Ex-Visteon workers will today be campaigning outside the offices of the Unite union in order to promote their plight, following the collapse of the UK arm of the motor industry component supplier, Visteon UK - which has left ex- and retired workers with greatly reduced pensions. [continue...]

PRESS: National minimum wage uprating is “derisory”, says John McDonnell MP

The National Minimum Wage (NMW) uprating has been condemned as “derisory” by Labour MP and LRC Chair John McDonnell. The increase in NMW rates is between 4p and 7p an hour - an increase barely over 1%. It will come into effect in October 2009. [continue...]

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Their Crisis Not Ours!


Across the country working people are losing their jobs and their homes. Meanwhile the bankers who plunged us into this crisis have been bailed out with billions of pounds of our money. It’s time to fight back. Their Crisis Not Ours! is the LRC’s campaign to bring together workers, pensioners, the unemployed, students, those facing repossession and all those suffering because of an economic crisis that has been imposed on us. The campaign is supporting the demands of the People’s Charter. [continue...]


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