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PRESS: McDonnell welcomes the victory in extending nomination period but calls on the Party to go further

John McDonnell MP said: “Now that the Party has acceded to our campaign for the extension of the deadline for nominations, it is crucial that they go a step further and allow for a reduction in the number of nominations required in order to facilitate a wider range of candidates, in particular women and ethnic minority candidates, to come forward. [continue...]

PRESS: McDonnell welcomes Diane Abbott to Leadership race

John McDonnell MP, already backed by the LRC and Unison United Left, said:

“I welcome Diane’s candidacy and urge other women and ethnic candidates to come forward from all wings of the party. We need a full and wide ranging debate about our future direction.
“I am writing today to all the so far declared candidates to ask their support for a review of the current process and timetable for nominations which has been mismanaged from the start and is now in total disarray.
“I am calling for an extension of the timetable for nominations and a reduction of the threshold so that everyone can get on the ballot paper and our members can have a full range of candidates from all wings of the party from which to choose.” [continue...]

PRESS: The Left will not support a ‘Cuts Coalition’

The LRC Executive has rejected proposals for a coalition with the Liberal Democrats to implement ‘savage cuts’. Instead, we will build a coalition against cuts with Labour members, trade unionists and community activists. [continue...]

PRESS: People want changed policies and changed politics, not leadership coups

A statement by two former Labour cabinet ministers circulated today, calling for a secret ballot on Gordon Brown’s leadership. [continue...]

PRESS: ‘Shocking result for Labour’ in unnecessary by-election

Labour has been defeated in the Norwich North by-election caused by the barring of former Labour MP Ian Gibson from standing at the next election. [continue...]

PRESS: Government Iraq Enquiry Process in Shambles

The Government’s majority was cut as Labour MPs rebelled against Brown’s plans for a secret inquiry on Iraq, to which the Prime Minister appoints the inquiry team, and those giving evidence are not doing so under oath. [continue...]

PRESS: Labour Left threatens ‘Candidates for Change’ slate if policies don’t change

The Labour left refused to be dragged into either the plotting to oust Brown or the positioning by others seeking to fill his shoes if he fell. Our line was straightforward – there’s no point in changing the faces at the top if there is no change in political direction. [continue...]

PRESS: McDonnell: Electoral annihilation means change or die

Labour has now lost control of Derbyshire, Lancashire, Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire as the Party’s vote has collapsed. It is now clear that Labour is facing the prospect of annihilation in a General Election.
John McDonnell MP, LRC Chair, said:  [continue...]

PRESS: ‘Labour to the core’ Alice Mahon leaving shows ‘political catastrophe’ for Party

Former Halifax Labour MP Alice Mahon, a member for over 50 years, has resigned from the Labour Party. Alice Mahon was elected to the LRC National Committee at the November 2008 LRC Conference, topping the poll. [continue...]

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