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Christine Shawcroft Suspended

Christine Shawcroft Suspended This decision should be challenged at all levels throughout the Party as a matter of urgency. Christine Shawcroft seems to have been suspended from membership simply for criticising the electoral court’s judgment in the Lutfur Rahman case, which is itself subject to a judicial review. Other members have also criticised this verdict and have not been penalised. It is a travesty of justice that this should happen and may well be in breach of the Party’s rules. Resolutions condemning this decision should be sent to the NEC.
Christine herself has written:
“I have just received notice of my suspension from the Labour Party - this means I can go to my branch meeting but not stand for any office, including the NEC, of course. This is because the election court commissioner ruled that I had supported Lutfur Rahman against Labour Party candidates. This is not true, my support for Lutfur is based on overturning the various miscarriages of justice he has suffered from. At no time have I publicly campaigned for him against Labour candidates.”

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