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Ukraine: no Russian tanks or Western banks

Ukraine: no Russian tanks or Western banks Statement of the LRC Executive Committee [continue...]

Crisis in Ukraine: Revolution or reaction?

Crisis in Ukraine: Revolution or reaction? Labour Representation Committee [continue...]

Solidarity with the Greek people

Solidarity with the Greek people By Barbara Humphries The first AGM of the Greece Solidarity Campaign (GSC) took place at the UNITE headquarters on Saturday 1st March. The GSC was set up a year and a half ago in response to an appeal to Tony Benn on behalf of Greek people facing austerity measures, by veteran Greek political activists – Manolis Glezos and Mikis Theodorakis, for support from the British labour movement. Glezos is a national hero who, as a young man, tore down the swastika flag from the Acropolis. Theodorakis, apart from being a well-known songwriter, was a staunch campaigner against the dictatorship of the Greek unta from 1967-74. [continue...]

Ten years on, the US is helping to destroy Fallujah again

Ten years on, the US is helping to destroy Fallujah again Mike Phipps Conflict and carnage on a scale unseen since the height of the Occupation nearly a decade ago have broken out in Iraq’s Anbar Province. Over 140,000 people have been made homeless since fighting started at the end of last year. According to the UN, 65,000 people fled the fighting in the towns of Fallujah and Ramadi in one week alone. [continue...]

Fast Food Forward:support US and British fast food workers

Fast Food Forward: support US and British fast food workers There has been an enormous movement of fast food workers in the USA for a living wage of $15 per hour. 2.3 million workers exist on as little as $7.25 per hour. In December 2013 fast food workers from 130 cities struck for a day in support of their cause. Below is a statement from their campaign, Fast Food Forward. Show your support for British fast food workers in their battle against low pay in the Day of Action on Saturday 15h February. [continue...]

The spectre of Iraq

The spectre of Iraq
By Mike Phipps
When commentators claimed after last week’s parliamentary vote that Iraq had played a key role in motivating MPs to vote against military intervention, it was an important public acknowledgment of the ongoing disaster wrought by US-UK foreign policy. Gone was the New Labour narrative that Iraq today is better off than under Saddam Hussein. Although it rarely makes the front pages, the sheer volume of bad news from this country will not have escaped many MPs. [continue...]

McDonnell in Hansard

During Thursday’s debate, the LRC Chair John McDonnell, in classic form, gives a welcome view on the Syrian question: [continue...]

LabourList readers want MPs to oppose Syria air strikes

Yesterday we asked you to have your say on how Labour MPs – and the Labour leadership – should act on Syria. 2676 of you have voted in the last 18 hours (our biggest ever response to a LabourList survey). Here are the results. [continue...]

No military intervention in Syria!

LRC statement on Syria No military intervention in Syria! Once again western powers, Britain included, are poised to intervene militarily in the Middle East. Twelve years ago, US-led forces stormed into Afghanistan in an intervention that has achieved none of its stated goals - destroying Al Qaeda, defeating the Taliban or safeguarding the world from fundamentalist terrorism. Ten years ago, the invasion and occupation of Iraq left a million Iraqis dead and one in six uprooted from their homes. More recently, the west’s intervention put Libya into the hands of armed militias and caused widespread civilian casualties in Mali and Yemen. [continue...]

Parliament debates the tenth anniversary of the Iraq war

In his blog, Mike Phipps reviews how the debate went. http://l-r-c.org.uk/blog/post/parliament-debates-the-tenth-anniversary-of-the-war-in-iraq/ [continue...]

Eye witness report from Turkey

From Chris Knight’s sister, Liz Knight.  [continue...]

PRESS: The Iraq War: ‘The net is clearly closing in’

In response to the comments today by the legal adviser to the Foreign Office in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, John McDonnell MP, Chair of the Labour Representation Committee, said:  [continue...]

PRESS: UK ‘out on a limb’ on Afghanistan, says LRC

The Prime Minister Gordon Brown has today confirmed that another 500 more troops will be sent to Afghanistan, taking the total UK deployment to 10,000.
John McDonnell MP, LRC Chair, said:

PRESS: 8th anniversary: Bring troops home from Afghanistan

. . . LRC calls for end to conflict twice as long as First World War Today (Wed 7 Oct 2009) marks the 8th anniversary of the start of the war in Afghanistan. It is a conflict in which tens of thousands of Aghans have been killed, as well as 220 British troops. The war has now lasted twice as long as the First World War - and yet there are still no clear objectives.
John McDonnell MP, LRC Chair, said:

PRESS: Shelling out for favours?

A Morning Star investigation has found that the All Party Parliamentary Group on Nigeria, comprising 20 MPs, received £27,000 last year from Shell International. Last month, the firm was forced to settle out of court in New York, faced with charges that it was culpable in the state murder and torture of nine members of the Ogoni tribe including writer and Activist Ken Saro-Wiwa in 1995. [continue...]

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