Campaign news archive - November 2016

Jeremy Corbyn on Trump’s Victory

Jeremy Corbyn on Trump’s Victory Many in Britain and elsewhere will be understandably shocked by Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election, the rhetoric around it and what the election result means for the rest of the world, as well as America. [continue...]

LRC Conference Report, 29th October 2016

LRC Conference, 29th October By Suzanne Gannon On 29th October, the LRC held another successful annual conference, attended by 150 members. [continue...]

LP Democracy – bring it on!

LP Democracy – bring it on! Momentum Proposals on Democratising the Labour Party [continue...]

Brexit on Our Terms!

Brexit on Our Terms! By Tony Burke, Assistant General Secretary of UNITE [continue...]

Their Brexit or Ours?

Their Brexit or Ours? By Simon Hewitt THE FIRST THING TO UNDERSTAND about the so-called ‘Brexit’ debate is that Brexit is not the issue. As with any fundamental shock to an economy, EU exit will represent an opportunity to renegotiate the contours of economic power within our society, the distribution of wealth between wages and profits and much else beside. In whose favour, if anyone’s, exit works will depend on the outcome of this. What we need to demand - and here the title of Unite’s new document is exactly right - is Brexit on our terms. [continue...]

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