Campaign news archive - June 2016

LRC Statement: Whose Party is this Anyway?

Does the Labour Party belong to the hundreds of thousands of activists, members, supporters and affiliated trades unionists across the country?  Or is it the property of politicians in Westminster? [continue...]


Right-wing Labour MPs Margaret Hodge and Ann Coffey are trying to get a motion of no confidence in Jeremy Cobyn passed at a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party.  [continue...]

Referendum Result – First Thoughts

Referendum Result – First Thoughts What a difference a day makes Ian Ilett assesses the dangers and opportunities from the referendum result [continue...]

Southern Rail Fails

Southern Rail Fails By Sussex LRC Readers may have heard reports of the chaos on Southern Rail.  Those on social media can try #SouthernFail or #GoViaNowhere which are among the most popular hashtags in use. [continue...]

The referendum – a view from Ireland

The referendum – a view from Ireland By Finn Geaney, Dublin Council of trade Unions,
Teachers Union of Ireland and Irish Labour party [continue...]

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