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Dodgy Dave has given us an enormous opportunity

Dodgy Dave has given us an enormous opportunity John McDonnell‘s column in the May 2016 issue of Labour Briefing.
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Labour, Antisemitism and Jeremy Corbyn

Labour, Antisemitism and Jeremy Corbyn Letter to Guardian 30.04.16 We are Jewish members and supporters of the Labour party and of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, who wish to put our perspective on the “antisemitism” controversy that has been widely debated in the last few weeks (Labour’s antisemitism crisis as Livingstone suspended, 29 April). We do not accept that antisemitism is “rife” in the Labour party. Of the examples that have been repeated in the media, many have been reported inaccurately, some are trivial, and a very few may be genuine examples of antisemitism. The tiny number of cases of real antisemitism need to be dealt with, but we are proud that the Labour party historically has been in the forefront of the fight against all forms of racism. We, personally, have not experienced any antisemitic prejudice in our dealings with Labour party colleagues. [continue...]

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