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Diane Abbott urges us to support her for London Mayor – and Jeremy Corbyn for Leader [continue...]

A Campaign to Build a Mass Movement of Resistance

A Campaign to Build a Mass Movement of Resistance BY JOHN MCDONNELL MP WHEN ED MILIBAND ANNOUNCED HE WAS RESIGNING AS LEADER OF THE LABOUR PARTY there were calls for the left to stand a candidate. Jeremy Corbyn and I sat down to calculate whether we had the 35 MPs we needed to nominate to secure a left candidate on the ballot paper. We couldn’t get past 22. [continue...]

Labour Leadership Hustings

Labour Leadership Hustings For details of your local husting click here  [continue...]

Scotland: A mountain to climb together

Scotland: A mountain to climb together By Jeremy Corbyn Jeremy Corbyn is MP for Islington North, and is standing to be Leader of the Labour Party. Writing for Labour Hame today he says we have a mountain to climb to regain trust, and members need a stronger say in shaping policy.
On Thursday I boarded the 06:30 train to Edinburgh to visit Holyrood, our elected representatives, party members and our Scottish campaign team. It was a pleasure to be in Scotland again – even though I didn’t get home til midnight. Labour has a mountain to climb to win in 2020 – and, as is true for UK geography, the biggest mountain is to be found in Scotland. [continue...]

Right to Buy for Private Tenants

Jeremy Corbyn:
Right to Buy for Private Tenants Jeremy Corbyn has called for right to buy to be extended to people living in privately rented accommodation.
Corbyn who is in the running to be Labour’s next leader has said that right to buy, which means council tenants can buy the home they’re living in at a discounted rate, should be extended to people renting from private landlords.  This comes after the government are going ahead with plans to extend right to buy to people living in housing association properties. [continue...]

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