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Mirror puts Jeremy in lead

‘Daily Mirror’ poll puts Corbyn ahead of other candidates in leadership contest [continue...]

Sign up for Jeremy

Sign up for Jeremy Now at last we have a real socialist on the leadership ballot of the Labour Party. Thousands have been enthused by his candidature. Sign them up!  [continue...]

Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader!

Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader! Well, he made it onto the ballot paper. With just two minutes to go Jeremy got the two endorsements he needed to stand as candidate for Labour leader. Labour List ran a poll: Jeremy won the support of 47% with Andy Burnham on 13%, Liz Kendall on 11%, Yvette Cooper on 9%  and Mary Kreagh (who has since dropped out of the race) on just 3% support. Jeremy is the activists’ choice. If he had not been allowed to put his point of view the leadership contest would have been a mockery of Party democracy, with no real choice on offer to Labour Party members. Now it is the responsibility of us all to get behind his campaign. Remember about 40,000 members have joined Labour since the election. [continue...]

Campaigning for Jeremy and Fighting the Tories

Campaigning for Jeremy and Fighting the Tories Jeremy for Leader
A big push is needed to try and get Jeremy Corbyn on the ballot paper for the Labour Party leadership. Unfortunately, the MPs are the “gatekeepers” for the election, and 35 of them are needed to nominate them before Party members and supporters get a say.
Everybody possible needs to approach Labour MPs to nominate Jeremy. Not just your own, but others, especially those supported by your union. Get others to do the same.
MPs should be approached not just when they might be sympathetic to Jeremy’s politics, but also – even when they are not – on democratic grounds. Social media shows there is a lot of support for Jeremy amongst Party members and supporters, and it would be wrong of MPs to block their ability to show this. Even MPs who have previously expressed support for other candidates are entitled to change their minds, especially if the other candidate is already over the threshold of 35.
More information on the Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader Facebook page here  including a model letter to MPs.
Post-election debate
Whether or not Jeremy Corbyn gets on the ballot paper for Labour leader, there is an enormous debate to be had throughout the movement as to the lessons to be learned from Labour’s election defeat. The Radical Labour website here has many useful comments. In many areas labour movement meetings are being organised to have this discussion in which all Party and union members can have their say. [continue...]

Jeremy Corbyn’s alternative to austerity

Jeremy Corbyn’s alternative to austerity Labour Assembly Against Austerity [continue...]

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