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The Housing Crisis Won’t be Solved by Tinkering

The Housing Crisis Won’t be Solved by Tinkering By Andrew Fisher
The Tories’ proposal to extend right to buy to housing association homes united almost every policy commentator in opposition, including the CBI and Telegraph columnists, alongside housing associations and homelessness charities. (the Telegraph headline was ‘Extending the Right to Buy is Economically Illiterate and Morally Wrong’.) [continue...]

Fast Food Rights and the Fight for 15

Fast Food Rights and the Fight for 15 Last Wednesday April 15th Fast Food Rights actions took place in London, Glasgow, Sheffield, Manchester, Darlington, Leeds, Birmingham, Leicester, Cardiff and Southampton. LRC members took part. In Britain the campaigning work of the Bakers’ Union (BFAWU) is to the fore and their prime target for recruitment is the fast food industry. [continue...]

Global Fast Food Workers Day Wednesday 15th April

Global Fast Food Workers Day
- We’re Not Loving Low Pay Protest
Wednesday 15th April  [continue...]

Voices to Save the NHS

Voices to Save the NHS The Government’s Record on the NHS
After five years of a government which pledged to protect the NHS, this election campaign makes it timely to assess its stewardship, since 2010, of England’s most precious institution. Our verdict, as doctors working in and for the NHS, is that history will judge that this administration’s record is characterised by broken promises, reductions in necessary funding, and destructive legislation, which leaves health services weaker, more fragmented, and less able to perform their vital role than at any time in the NHS’s history. [continue...]

Left Platform post-election

Left Platform Tuesday 12th of May 2015, 6pm – 9pm
Venue to be confirmed

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