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Can there be a Labour Scotland?

Can there be a Labour Scotland? By Ewan Gibbs Throughout the referendum campaign the dulcet tones of Better Together and Yes Scotland promised some brand of fair-or-fairer Scotland that would better embody ‘Scottish values’. Jim Murphy has taken this to its logical conclusion, stating in his victory speech that he wants us to live in the ‘fairest nation on earth’, and boasting his patriotic credentials by seeking to demagogically enshrine them in the Scottish Labour constitution. [continue...]

Support Syriza; Fight Austerity

Support Syriza; Fight Austerity Labour must make the case for an alternative to failed austerity economics [continue...]

Show your Support for Keith Henderson!

Show your Support for Keith Henderson! Back Keith Henderson, sacked by the GMB for being a ‘left wing democratic socialist’ [continue...]

Come to the Left Platform!

Left Platform The conference will take place on Saturday February 7th 2015 from 11am to 4pm
at the University of London Union,  Malet Street, London WC1E 7H [continue...]

MEPs must back LuxLeaks Inquiry

MEPs must back LuxLeaks Inquiry By Michael Calderbank Over the weekend, Labour supporters and others have – quite rightly – been getting hot under the collar about the subject of corporate tax avoidance. Boots CEO Steffano Pessina made a stinging attack on the policies of Ed Miliband, but neglected to mention his company’s involvement in a complex web of tax avoidance schemes that have robbed the UK taxpayer of in excess of £1 billion.  [continue...]

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