Campaign news archive - August 2014

From one Israeli pogrom to another

From one Israeli pogrom to another By Martin Wicks Israel is in trouble. Not because of the threat from Hamas rockets but because its barbaric assault on Gaza is so patently out of all proportion to the threat they face that even their traditional supporters are raising questions about their strategy. It’s traditional supporters admit as much. Even Tory MPs are criticising the UK government.
The Economist has written an editorial entitled “winning the battle, but losing the war” (the war, that is, for world opinion), subtitled “For all its military might, Israel faces a grim future unless it can secure peace”. Yet the Israeli regime does not want a negotiated peace. [continue...]

McRant on Boris

McRant on Boris So bumbling blond buffoon Boris Johnson is going to go for an MP’s position, an essential pre requisite to his inevitable challenge for the Tory party leadership. [continue...]

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