Campaign news archive - June 2014

Ukrainian Socialist Solidarity Mass Picket

Ukrainian Socialist Solidarity Mass Picket 12th June from 10.30am
At Chelsea FC
Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road, London SW6 1HS [continue...]

The Crisis is Political

The Crisis is Political Not Just Economic: How to get out of this mess. From June Labour Briefing. [continue...]

Vote for Darren Williams for Labour’s NEC

Vote for Darren Williams for Labour’s NEC I am standing for the NEC for the second time, with the support of the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance. I have been a party member for 25 years, have been a CLP representative on the National Policy Forum since 2010 and am a Cardiff councillor. I am also currently the acting Wales Secretary of the PCS union. I am proud to call myself a socialist and am the secretary of the left and centre-left group, Welsh Labour Grassroots, as well as having been a member of the LRC since its inception.
Politically, I believe that Labour needs to do more to offer a clear and credible alternative to the Con-Dem policies wrecking our economy and public services. Ed Miliband has recently taken some welcome steps in the right direction, by promising to scrap the bedroom tax, restore the 50p top tax rate and freeze energy prices. On the other hand, Labour shamefully backed the Tory benefit cap and has been too timid to offer the kind of policies that would inspire working people and those opposed to the neo-liberal consensus. [continue...]

Labour Policy Review

It’s not too late to submit amendments to Labour policy In March the national Labour Party published 8 papers which are to provide the foundation of its general election manifesto in 2015.  Constituencies and affiliates can submit amendments by 13 June but individual Party members also have until Friday 13 June to submit comments on these papers.  [continue...]

EU elections: Spain

By Mike Phipps
One of the most spectacular - and unpredicted - results in the European elections was in Spain. A 16% swing against the governing conservative People’s Party saw the newly formed left party Podemos (We can) take 8% of the vote and 5 seats in the European Parliament. Additionally the United Left, a broad grouping to the left of the social democratic PSOE, gained four MEPs. [continue...]

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