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Campaign news

Tough but exhilarating

Tough but exhilarating The John McDonnell column
in November 2015 Labour Briefing [continue...]


Trade Union Rights

CAMPAIGN AGAINST THE ANTI-UNION BILL TRADE UNION CO-ORDINATING GROUP STATEMENT The Trade Union Bill is a fundamental attack on our right to organise and strike in the face of ongoing austerity.
The Tories know the trade unions are the last line of defence for millions of working people. [continue...]

The debate in Parliament on the Charter for Budget Responsibility

Some Labour contributions in the debate on the Charter for Budget Responsibility from Hansard, Wednesday 14th October [continue...]

The Charter for Budget Responsibility and the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2010

The Charter for Budget Responsibility and the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2010 Osborne’s ‘Charter for Budget Responsibility’ bears a remarkable resemblance to Gordon Brown’s Fiscal Responsibility Act. Both seek to bind government spending to tight rules in the face of an unknowable future. Both were and are political gimmicks. Osborne’s Charter, like Brown’s Act, is unenforceable; no penalties will be incurred when it is inevitably broken.  [continue...]

Labour is right to oppose ‘living within our means’

‘Living within our means’ makes no economic sense.
Labour is right to oppose it   [continue...]

Why we Oppose the Charter for Budget Responsibility

Why we Oppose the Charter for Budget Responsibility John McDonnell’s Letter to Labour MPs  [continue...]

5 things you should know about George Osborne’s “Charter”

Their Crisis Not Ours!

5 things you should know about George Osborne’s “Charter”
and why Labour will be voting against it: [continue...]

Blacklist breakthrough?

Blacklist breakthrough? Blacklisting firms run up the white flag During this morning’s hearing at the High Court for the blacklisting group litigation conspiracy trial, the majority of blacklisting firms in the trial represented by McFarlands solicitors submitted a revised set of legal pleadings. The document accepts virtually all of the facts about the workings of the Consulting Association blacklist argued by lawyers representing the 700 claimants. Hugh Tomlinson QC representing the blacklisted workers called the revised document a “radical transformation” and a move “on the path to righteousness”  [continue...]

British Politics changed on 12th September 2015

Labour's Future

British Politics changed on 12th September 2015 The John McDonnell column in the October issue of Labour Briefing, the magazine of the LRC [continue...]

Blacklist Support Group Latest

Trade Union Rights

Blacklist Support Group Latest Points from their TUC Congress week 2015 Jeremy Corbyn & John McDonnell  [continue...]

Jeremy Corbyn’s Election as Labour Party Leader

Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour Party leader Statement by the LRC EC [continue...]


Trade Union Rights

from Unite the Union Last week we asked you to email your MP to make sure they understood exactly why they should say NO to the Trade Union Bill. [continue...]

Jeremy Corbyn’s victory speech

Labour's Future

Jeremy Corbyn’s victory speech at the special Labour Party Conference
on September 12th (extracts) [continue...]

Support Keith Henderson

Trade Union Rights

Support Keith Henderson Regular viewers of this website will be aware of the long running saga of Keith Henderson and his union, the GMB.
In 2012 he was dismissed as a full-timer for the union. He appealed. His appeal is still ongoing. An Employment Tribunal decided in 2013 that his dismissal was in part because of his “belief in left wing democratic socialism.” This is the reason a Union has for sacking someone! John McDonnell has been stalwart in Keith’s support. [continue...]

Contemporary Motions for LP Conference

Contemporary motions 2015 Labour’s economic policy needs to secure growth and end austerity
Conference notes:
1. Osborne’s instruction to government departments to draw up plans by autumn for 25% and 40% real-terms cuts.
2. NHS regulator Monitor’s August announcement that hospitals must only fill ‘essential’ vacancies, due to finance shortages.
3. The wide support expressed by Labour members and supporters throughout August for the anti-austerity agenda advocated by Jeremy Corbyn; in rallies across Britain and votes in the Leadership election.
4. Polling evidence (including YouGov, Populus, Ashcroft) that voters do not support continuing austerity.
5. Parties campaigning against austerity (SNP, Greens) increased their vote shares more than Labour at the May general election.
Conference believes:
1. Tory austerity policies; cutting financing of health, other services and benefits, with public sector real pay cuts; are political choice, not economic necessity – and should be opposed by Labour.
2. The planned £12bn welfare cuts (from total public spending of approximately £760bn) should be opposed by Labour in parliament.
3. Labour policies should defend and improve living standards, not impose further austerity on the majority.
4. To achieve this, Labour economic policy should focus on directing state investment to stimulate growth and create jobs. Labour should draw up real plans to increase investment and present a credible alternative framework to the Tories’ austerity.
5. Areas to prioritise investment should include: housing, infrastructure and green energy.
6. Improving government revenue due to economic growth, not cutting public spending and austerity, is the way to cut the deficit.
239 words [continue...]

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