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Stop the Violations – End Welfare ‘Reform’ NOW!

Stop the Violations – End Welfare ‘Reform’ NOW! Date: Wednesday 16th November,  Time: 5.30pm [continue...]

Jeremy Corbyn on Trump’s Victory

Jeremy Corbyn on Trump’s Victory Many in Britain and elsewhere will be understandably shocked by Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election, the rhetoric around it and what the election result means for the rest of the world, as well as America. [continue...]

LRC Conference Report, 29th October 2016

LRC Conference, 29th October By Suzanne Gannon On 29th October, the LRC held another successful annual conference, attended by 150 members. [continue...]

LP Democracy – bring it on!

LP Democracy – bring it on! Momentum Proposals on Democratising the Labour Party [continue...]

Brexit on Our Terms!

Brexit on Our Terms! By Tony Burke, Assistant General Secretary of UNITE [continue...]

Their Brexit or Ours?

Their Brexit or Ours? By Simon Hewitt THE FIRST THING TO UNDERSTAND about the so-called ‘Brexit’ debate is that Brexit is not the issue. As with any fundamental shock to an economy, EU exit will represent an opportunity to renegotiate the contours of economic power within our society, the distribution of wealth between wages and profits and much else beside. In whose favour, if anyone’s, exit works will depend on the outcome of this. What we need to demand - and here the title of Unite’s new document is exactly right - is Brexit on our terms. [continue...]

Momentum’s Future

UNANIMOUS STATEMENT FROM MOMENTUM STEERING COMMITTEE The Steering Committee recognises and regrets the discontent and frustration felt by Momentum members in recent days. Momentum’s democratic structures were always intended to develop. Unfortunately, this summer’s leadership election delayed that development, with all our energy being diverted into ensuring Jeremy Corbyn’s reelection. [continue...]

Still no Truth and no Justice for Orgreave Miners

Still no Truth and no Justice for Orgreave Miners On October 31st Home Secretary Amber Rudd made the announcement that the government had no intention of holding an enquiry into the events at Orgreave in 1984 during the great miners’ strike. This was a shock, as the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign have been campaigning for years for the truth to be unearthed and Theresa May had strung them along with promises of an enquiry. [continue...]

Defend Jackie Walker! Defend Free Speech on Israel!

Defend Jackie Walker! Defend Free Speech on Israel! By Pete Firmin FOR A SECOND TIME, JACKIE WALKER has been suspended from membership by the Labour Party, having been cleared of any offence the first time. Although the Party, as is its usual practice, has not notified her of the reason for her suspension, it is generally believed to arise from remarks she made (or is claimed to have made) at a training session at Labour Party Conference. [continue...]

Officers Elected at 2016 LRC Conference

Officers Elected at 2016 LRC Conference on 29th October 2016 President: John McDonnell
Chair: Matt Wrack
Vice Chairs: Norrette Moore, Claire Wadey
Political Secretary: Mick Brooks
Treasurer:  Alison McGarry
Membership Secretaries: Keith Henderson/Adam Thompson [Job share]
Administrator: Michael Calderbank
Web manager:  Seema Chandwani.
Local group Organisers: Patrick Hall/John Wiseman [Job share], Claire Wadey,  [continue...]

McDonnell Lashes Hammond and the Tories

McDonnell Lashes Hammond and the Tories An internal briefing document shows that the Government is “unlikely to bring deficit reduction entirely back on track”. It was mistakenly posted online. [continue...]

Walker vs McNicol Appeal

Walker vs McNicol Appeal By Jackie Walker I am Jackie Walker, life-long anti-racist campaigner and socialist. I was suspended from the Labour Party in May of this year, amidst what appears to have been a breach of Data Protection law by Iain McNicol as General Secretary of the Labour Party. [continue...]

Resolution Booklet for 2016 Conference

Here  [continue...]

Labour’s Alternative to Tory Austerity

Labour’s Alternative to Tory Austerity By Barbara Humphries The Labour Assembly against Austerity was founded in 2013, as part of the People’s Assembly against Austerity. In spite of support from the major trades unions and the late Tony Benn, it only had the support of a limited number of Labour MPs at the time. These of course included Jeremy Corbyn.  Labour was not a committed anti-austerity party then – Ed Miliband was telling the Conservative-Liberal coalition only that they were ‘cutting too far and too fast’, a fairly timid opposition.  [continue...]

Urgent: Keith Henderson Appeal.

Urgent: Keith Henderson Appeal. 
First, Keith would like to thank everyone who has donated already to this appeal. [continue...]

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