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Campaign news

Jobs recovery or jobs illusion?

Jobs recovery or jobs illusion? All hail George Osborne? Maybe not, says Andrew Fisher [continue...]

How Can Labour Re-Build Trust with Teachers?

How Can Labour Re-Build Trust with Teachers? LRC Meeting at NUT Conference [continue...]

Fifty Five weeks to save the NHS

55 Weeks To Save The NHS
7pm – 9pm, Tuesday 15 April 2014 Refreshments available from 6.30pm
The Friends’ Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton BN1 1AF [continue...]

Hull Councillors Suspended for Voting against Cuts

Stop Welfare Reform

Hull Councillors Suspended for Voting against Cuts Personal Statement by Hull City Councillor Gill Kennett (Holderness Ward) [continue...]

Social Security Cap - Labour Rebels

Social Security Cap - Labour Rebels The House of Commons voted by 520 votes to 22 to back the social security cap initiated by the Tories. This iniquitous cap imposes a limit on future spending that takes no account of human circumstances and human need.
Only 13 Labour MPs voted against the cap while, 38 abstained or were absent. The 13 rebels were: [continue...]

A Tribute to Bob Crow and Tony Benn

A Tribute to Bob Crow and Tony Benn A Dreadful Week in March and then the Light Broke Through. [continue...]

Tony Benn’s Funeral

Tony Benn’s Funeral Thurs 27th March 10.15am- Thursday 27 March is the funeral of Tony Benn, who was the President of Stop the War Coalition and a much loved figure at demonstrations and meetings across the country.  [continue...]

A budget for UKIP not ‘hardworking people’

A budget for UKIP not ‘hardworking people’ By Michael Roberts, the LRC’s economics commentator [continue...]

An economy as if people mattered

An economy as if people mattered Andrew Fisher’s speech for People’s Budget at the Southampton People’s Assembly  [continue...]


Trade Union Rights

Following the devastating news of the death of RMT General Secretary Bob Crow on Tuesday 11th March the union is able to confirm arrangements for both Bob’s funeral and the commemoration of his life and work on Monday 24th March.
Bob Crow’s family have asked all media to respect the fact that Bob’s funeral service itself will be a private affair. Any invasion of that privacy will be taken up by the union through the press and broadcasting regulatory and complaints bodies. [continue...]

Sad Loss of Tony Benn

Sad Loss of Tony Benn from John McDonnell MP, Chair of the Socialist Campaign Group of MPs [continue...]

Ukraine: no Russian tanks or Western banks

International solidarity

Ukraine: no Russian tanks or Western banks Statement of the LRC Executive Committee [continue...]

Tony Benn

The LRC extends sincere condolences to the family and friends of Tony Benn. RIP 14th March 2014 [continue...]

Bob’s Legacy

Trade Union Rights

...from John McDonnell Bob Crow’s death has come as a shattering blow to the RMT, the whole of the trade union movement and to the many progressive causes he supported.
Loved by his members and respected across the transport industry, Bob’s most significant role was to demonstrate by example to every trade union member that the trade union movement could be as effective today in securing better pay and conditions of employment as at any time in its history.
From the 1980s, trade union membership and influence had been in decline for over 20 years when Bob came onto the national scene alongside a new generation of radical trade union leaders with Mark Serwotka at PCS and Matt Wrack at the FBU. They transformed their individual unions and created a new unionism, thoroughly democratic and willing to mobilise and back their members, no matter how hard the fight and no matter what the employers and media threw against them.
The result has been not just a reversal of declining membership, but a substantial increase in size of the RMT and its expansion into new sectors such as the offshore oil and gas industry, buses and taxis. People joined the union because they knew that Bob Crow would never shy away from a fight on their behalf and brought a tactical genius and negotiating skill to secure victory in negotiated settlements and, when necessary, in industrial action.
The 21st century trade unionism that Bob Crow espoused was rooted in a thorough understanding of what his members were experiencing every day at work. Improving their pay and working conditions was what he cared about and nothing would stand in his way of winning for them.
It also didn’t matter what the right wing media reported, as his members knew whose side he was on and every headline increased the profile of the union and, as a result, its membership. 
His trade unionism came from his socialism. In his stirring table thumping speeches he was able to inspire with a vision of a world living in peace and free from poverty and want. There wasn’t a progressive internationalist cause that didn’t receive his support, from Castro’s Cuba to Chavez’s Venezuela.
His legacy will not only be a strong and effective RMT but the reversal of the near terminal decline of trade unionism in this country and, of course, the next generation of young trade unionists that he inspired and who are now taking up his torch. [continue...]

Hull: what Now For Local Government?

Hull and E. Yorks Labour Representation Committee
Public Meeting: “What Now For Local Government? [continue...]

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