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The Lynching - a one-woman show

The Lynching - a one-woman show
- written and performed by Black Jewish anti-racist campaigner Jackie Walker and Norman Thomas[continue...]

CLPD Contemporary Motions for LP Conference

CLPD Contemporary Motions for LP Conference The Campaign for Labour Party Democracy is suggesting the following motions.
The deadline for receipt of contemporary motions is Thursday 14th September.
The title has a maximum of 10 words and the motion a maximum of 250 words. [continue...]

McDonald’s Workers Historic Step, in their Fght for Fairness

McDonald’s Workers Historic Step, in their Fight for Fairness By Ian Hodson, president of the Bakers, Food and Allied Woorkers’ Union [continue...]

Grenfell: We Need Full Enquiry

Grenfell: We Need Full Enquiry Matt Wrack, General Secretary of the Fire Brigades Union, said earlier this week,  “The prime minister was subject to severe criticism in the days after the fire. Since then, we have seen the start of a campaign to protect the government and place the blame anywhere else, anywhere but Whitehall,”  [continue...]

New Report Exposes UK Aid Policy Failings

New Report Exposes UK Aid Policy Failings

Mike Phipps
welcomes a new report from Global Justice Now - Re-imagining UK Aid: What a Progressive Strategy Could Look Like [continue...]

Vote, Vote Vote for Seema and Billy

Conference Arrangements Committee elections VOTE FOR THE LEFT SLATE: SEEMA AND BILLY! [continue...]

Good Work? Fat Chance

Good Work? Fat Chance By Mick Brooks A year ago Theresa May became Prime Minister. She uttered these words on the steps of Downing Street:
“If you’re from an ordinary working class family, life is much harder than many people in Westminster realise. You have a job but you don’t always have job security. You have your own home, but you worry about paying a mortgage. You can just about manage but you worry about the cost of living and getting your kids into a good school.” [continue...]

Fire Safety is a ‘Postcode Lottery’

Fire Safety is a ‘Postcode Lottery’ Cut to the bone, Britain’s firefighting service is short-handed and in crisis. A number of at-risk buildings grows in wake of Grenfell [continue...]

Labour Briefing Readers’ Meeting

Labour Briefing Readers’ Meeting 12.00 Midday, Saturday July 15th After the General Election: What Next? [continue...]

URGENT: Labour Conference Registration Deadline for Delegates

URGENT: Labour Conference Registration Deadline for Delegates It is essential to register by FRIDAY 7th JULY. [continue...]

How the mighty have fallen

How the mighty have fallen Matt Wrack (General Secretary FBU and Chair of the LRC)
The general election has opened a new period in politics and it looks like being exciting. The ‘winner’ of the election looks increasingly like the biggest loser. And the ‘loser’ looks increasingly like the real winner [continue...]

Grenfell Tower: the deadly consequences of under­funding of council housing

Grenfell Tower: the deadly consequences of under­funding of council housing [continue...]

Grenfell Tower tragedy: why?

Grenfell Tower tragedy: why? By Mick Brooks First we must offer our condolences to the friends and relatives of the victims of this terrible event. We don’t know what caused the fire. We don’t know what the final victim count will be.  We do know that this should never have happened and must never happen again. [continue...]

Getting Involved with Labour

This is just the sort of thing new Labour Party members need, courtesy of Sheffield Momentum: here:  [continue...]

General Election 2017: how did we do?

General Election 2017: how did we do? By Mick Brooks This was the best Labour general election campaign I have participated in my life. There was unprecedented enthusiasm on the streets and estates. People with red rosettes were greeted everywhere with thumbs up and car horns honking in support.
• The Tory press was vituperative. The Sun’s headline on election day was “Don’t chuck Britain in the Cor-bin – vote Tory unless you want a friend of terrorists who’s ready to open our borders and hike up taxes as your next PM”.
• The Tories resorted to outright lies – for instance they invented the threat of a Labour ‘garden tax’ a couple of days before the election
• The Conservative manifesto was completely uncosted. For instance the Winter Fuel Allowance was to be means tested but they couldn’t tell us who would get it and who wouldn’t, We were supposed to take it all on trust and vote for them anyway.
• They went through endless wobbles and reversals, most notably on the ‘dementia tax’ and the cost of social care.
• Their attempt to run a Presidential campaign around May’s supposed leadership on Brexit negotiations failed utterly. May was in effect demanding dictatorial powers for the duration of the negotiations.
• ‘Robotic’ was the most common description of her conduct. May evidently wanted the job but wouldn’t turn up to debate – equivalent to not turning up to the job interview
• Even the two terrorist attacks during the campaign redounded against the Tories as it drew attention to the 19,000 plus cuts on police numbers imposed by May since 2010. [continue...]

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