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The Moral Prostitutes of the Liberal Media

25th August 2014

McRant on the Moral Prostitutes of the Liberal Media

Just been reading the Sunday Guardian; almost overwhelmed with disgust - only way out a rant.

Do the media have an awards night that should be lobbied?

The well healed sycophants and moral prostitutes infesting the liberal media are surpassing themselves with such hypocrisy it beyond belief these days.

The splitting of Iraq into three component parts (the Shia south, Kurdistan and the eastern part of the Sunni Islamic State) is a direct result of the western imperialism’s 2003 war for oil and invasion of Iraq and its subsequent divide and rule tactics. The war against the Saddam Hussein regime (the very same regime that had been armed and financed by the very same western imperialism) totally destroyed the secular state of Iraq. Yes - that’s the one, the invasion and occupation that cost hundreds of thousands of Iraq lives.

You must remember it - the war that was opposed by the overwhelming majority of the people of Britain. Remember the anti war demonstration that was too big to count and was the biggest in Britain for 150 years. That’s right - the demonstration that was totally ignored by the messianic war criminal and prime minister at the time Tony Blair. That’s it - you have got it - the war that was supported and justified by those same well healed sycophants and moral prostitutes infesting the liberal media who are today surpassing themselves in their hand wringing over the mess their economic and political masters created in the middle east and the Gulf region.

Their hypocrisy is beyond belief. Hang on we are going around in circles here.

Who cares - where is my pay cheque? said the Political Editor, foreign affairs correspondent and a plethora of wannabe underlings, in their shiny new suits and purple ties.

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