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Nominate Neil Findlay for Leader and Katy Clark MP for Deputy Leader

3rd November 2014

Nominate Neil Findlay for Leader and Katy Clark MP for Deputy Leader

Urgent – Please Contact your Labour parliamentarians calling on them to nominate Katy Clark MP for Deputy Leader of the Scottish LabourParty!

As you know Anas Sarwar has resigned under pressure to make it easier for the SLP membership to elect an MP as leader of the SLP

Last Saturday over a one hundred Labour Party activists from across Scotland attended the Campaign for Socialism’s conference Labour after the Referendum. And called for a left challenge for the Labour Leadership.
In Katy Clark MP we have an excellent candidate for the Depute Leadership and running partner for Neil Findlay as leader.
But she needs you urgent support to get on the ballot paper.
Here are the nominations thus far

Katy Clark MP
Nominated by
Katy Clark MP
Michael Connarty MP
Ian Davidson MP

Kezia Dugdale MSP
Nominated by
Jackie Baillie MSP
Jayne Baxter MSP
Malcolm Chisholm MSP
Cara Hilton MSP
Ken Macintosh MSP
Margaret McCulloch MSP
We need supporters to contact all their Labour parliamentarians calling on them to nominate and support Neil. Please do it right now! Parliamentarians can cast their vote before the general membership and it is therefore crucial that as many vote for Neil as possible. 

Your MEPs’ emails are:
You can get your MSPs’ addresses including list MSPs (please remember to contact all list MSPs) at:

If you need an MP’s email address see:

Attached to this email is an application form for CfS if you are not already a member. Our website is at .

The campaign to elect Neil is up and running and is growing by the hour. It will not be easy but we have a real chance of winning and in so doing beginning the fight back of Labour based on practical socialist policies.
Please get in touch via if you can help in the campaign to elect Neil and please share this email with your Labour contacts.

Finally here is a reminder of the crucial dates:
•      MPs, MSPs and MEPs nominations will open on Friday 31st October and close on Tuesday 4th November.
•      Affiliates and Socialist Societies, CLPs, and Councillors will make their supporting nominations between Tuesday 4th November and Friday           14th November.
•      The ballot commences on Monday 17th November and our new Leader will be announced on Saturday 13th December.
Yours in solidarity,

Vince Mills
Chair CfS
Scottish Labour Campaign for Socialism

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