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Labour MPs Voting against the Bombing

27th September 2014

Labour MPs Voting against the Bombing

Labour (24 votes against, plus 1 teller)

The Labour MPs who voted against were: Diane Abbott, Graham Allen, Anne
Begg, Ronnie Campbell, Martin Caton, Katy Clark, Ian Davidson, Paul
Flynn, Stephen Hepburn, Kate Hoey, Kelvin Hopkins, Sian James, Mark
Lazraowicz, John McDonnell, Iain McKenzie, Austin Mitchell, Grahame
Morris, George Mudie, Linda Riordan, Barry Sheerman, Dennis Skinner,
Graham Stringer, and Mike Wood.

There was also one Labour teller, Jeremy Corbyn, and one Labour MP who
voted against, but also voted in favour (ie, actively abstained),
Rushanara Ali.

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