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4th June 2013

Who should we choose?  We report from Left Futures a good summary (not quite complete at this stage) of those names that activists on the Labour left and the trade unions are supporting in each region.

Members have until 31 July to cast their votes either by post or online.

East Midlands: the CWU and some activists on the left are supporting Linda Woodings, for whom we recommend a first preference vote; there is also support from the left in the south of the region for Rory Palmer, so we would recommend a second preference for him.

East of England: Since the first place must go to a woman, Alex Mayer, who was elected to the NPF last year as an independent, is perhaps the best candidiate for your first preference. However, Paul Bishop deserves at least a second preference.

London: London Labour Left are supporting Lucy Anderson, trade union activist, CLGA-supported policy forum member, and former Camden councillor as first preference; and Kamaljeet Jandhu as second preference.

North East: many on the left are supporting Judith Kirton-Darling as a first preference, who has worked with retiring MEP Stephen Hughes on providing better protection for agency workers.

North West: The favourite seems to be Theresa Griffin who has support from the centre left as well as the right and trade unions (she works for Unison and is a member of Unite). However, she is not from the Left, and was backed last year by Progress for the NPF. Julie Ward, on the other hand, though less well known in the region, comes with stronger recommendations from left activists so she’s our recommendation for a first preference.

South East: left activists and trade unionists are supporting Anneliese Dodds, lecturer, trade union rep, advice centre activist and founder of Universities for Labour.

South West: left-wing activists and a majority of the trade unions are supporting Claire Moody, current policy forum member and trade union representative, and the only Labour police commissioner candidate in the South West to come second.

Wales: Welsh Labour Grassroots are supporting Jayne Bryant, who says she will work with “trade unions to ensure that our Social Europe is protected and not diminished“.

Yorkshire and the Humber: Asghar Khan, who is standing on a platform that is ”unashamedly anti-austerity and pro-workers’ rights“, is the best-placed left candidate to take the top position. A postman and CWU activist, Asghar is also a councillor in Leeds.

Courtesy Left Futures

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