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6th August 2013

The Labour party have now issued a document outlining how the consultation will be presented to the Labour Party Conference at the end of September.

In a document entitled : “Let’s build a better Labour Party, so we can build a better Britain” there is a page which states:

Ray Collins will produce an interim consultation which will be discussed at this year’s Labour Party Annual Conference and then Ed Miliband will ask the NEC to convene a special spring conference to vote on the changes.
That consultation document will focus on the following four areas:

1) The use of primaries in the selection of Labour candidate for London Mayor and in other circumstances
2) The conduct of parliamentary selections to ensure fairness
and transparency
3) The development of a new relationship between the Labour Party and individual members of
our affiliate organisations
4) Constituency development agreements between affiliate organisations and constituency Labour parties.

Have your say following Annual conference
Following the presentation of the Collins document at Annual Conference there will be a major consultation exercise ahead of a final decision at the special spring conference.
We will be asking each and every Labour Party member to have their say in that consultation and there will be opportunities for discussion and debate across the country and online, about how we will build a better politics together.
Have your say now
In the meantime, if there is anything you want Ray Collins to consider in preparing his interim consultation, he wants to hear from you.
You can have your say by:
Posting your response to:
A better Labour Party,
Labour Central, Kings Manor ,
Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 6PA
Please ensure your response reaches us by Friday 13 September.

This is an appalling sleight of hand as many CLPs won’t have a chance to discuss the proposals.

Come to the Defend the Link meeting ( to hear how Unions and party members will be affected by this - then….



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