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14th September 2015

from Unite the Union

Last week we asked you to email your MP to make sure they understood exactly why they should say NO to the Trade Union Bill.

This bill will give bad bosses the green light to make working life harder for everyone - and it’s a threat to all of our rights at work.

Many thousands of you have already taken action – thank you!  But stopping this bill is going to take all of us. It’s easy to do.

Many of you have already been shocked by what you have read the Tories want to do:

• allow employers to use agency workers to break strikes

• forcing you to tell your employer what you’ll be posting on Facebook or Twitter and if you’ll be taking banners on peaceful protests

• or landing you with a £20,000 fine if you fail to wear an armband!

• making it much harder to take strike action when you’re being mistreated.

• and, in the public sector, capping facility time used to support workers and ending ‘check-off’, the easy way to pay your subs.

All of this is going to make it much harder to defend your job, defend or improve your pay and working conditions. And the above is just some of what they want to do. No wonder opposition inside and outside of Parliament is already growing.

They are voting on these plans TONIGHT (14th September) – so take the 30 seconds to email your MP NOW!

It’s your voice at the work the government is trying to silence – but use your voice now to tell MPs to say No to the Trade Union Bill.

Thank you

Steve Turner
Assistant general secretary, Unite the Union

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