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Campaign news

Defend welfare, Stop workfare

20th October 2011

The welfare state is under increased attack from the coalition government. Since coming to power they have announced over £20bn in welfare cuts, while giving £25bn in tax breaks to businesses. The LRC is urging all members to fight against attacks on welfare by challenging anti-welfare attitudes within the Labour Party and in wider society (download new LRC flyer ‘Defend Welfare’) and by taking direct action in conjunction with other organisations. If you are a Labour Party member, please get this model motion passed in your CLP.

It is important that we demonstrate the Labour left’s commitment to the welfare state and that we do not share the bigoted attitudes of the Labour Party leadership and former secretaries of state for welfare. The LRC has produced a new flyer for members to download, print and distribute. Download the LRC’s Defend Welfare flyer. If you would like bulk hard copies of the flyer email (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with the quantity you require.

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