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Blacklisting – the beginning of justice?

10th October 2013

Blacklisting – the beginning of justice?

Blacklist Support Group

The biggest blacklisting firms have today announced the proposal for an industry funded compensation scheme. In a press release Balfour Beatty, Carillion, Costain, Kier, Laing O’Rourke, Sir Robert McAlpine, Skanska and Vinci “all apologise for their involvement with the Consulting Association and the impact its database may have had on any individual construction worker”. The proposed scheme is being fronted by John Taylor, former Chief Executive of ACAS until January 2013.

The Blacklist Support Group issued the following statement:

“Blacklisted workers obviously welcome the announcement of an industry funded compensation scheme for those they deliberately victimised as part of the Consulting Association blacklisting conspiracy. But so far there are no firm proposals, only a vague promise of compensation for any
workers with a “legitimate claim”.

We want every single person who is on the Consulting Association blacklist to be compensated and jobs guaranteed for blacklisted workers on major construction projects. The Blacklist Support Group looks forward to participating in the negotiations about the details of the scheme.

But forgive us if we do not crack open the champagne just yet. We do not for one second believe that these companies have suddenly seen the light. Most of the senior managers implicated in the blacklisting conspiracy are still in post. The only thing they regret is being caught.

The reason why the blacklisting firms are offering a compensation scheme now is because of the
unrelenting campaign, political exposure and especially the impending High Court claim being brought by Guney Clark and Ryan solicitors supported by the Blacklist Support Group. The so far undisclosed documentary evidence we have amassed for the High Court claim will expose the entire conspiracy.

It is no coincidence that all of the companies signed up to Blacklisting Compensations Scheme are named defendants in the High Court claim. This is a cynical move intended to reduce corporate reputational damage.

There will no doubt be exhaustive negotiations in the coming months. Victims of blacklisting demand that there should be no talks about us, without us. We are the people who have been
blacklisted. We expect to play a central role in the negotiations.

The Blacklist Support Group would like to make our position crystal clear before any negotiations even start. We have no intention whatsoever to stop or even pause our campaign for a fully independent public inquiry to expose everyone involved in this human rights conspiracy
wherever they are hiding - in the companies, the police or anywhere else.

Our High Court claim continues. Our campaign for justice continues”.

Sean Curran - partner at Guney Clark & Ryan solicitors for the High Court claim said:
“GCR cautiously welcomes the proposal for an industry wide compensation scheme. Our
primary commitment is to achieve justice for the Claimants we represent and we will not be diverted from this aim. We make it clear that we will not consent to any agreement that
does not properly reflect the serious emotional and financial distress that our clients have so unjustifiably suffered. It is our hope that any proposal adequately reflects the injustice so inherent in the very concept of blacklisting.”

From: Blacklist Support Group

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