Housing: a radical programme of action

Housing: a radical programme of action Martin Wicks
Secretary, Swindon Tenants Campaign Group [continue...]

What “if they come for us”? What if there’s a strike of capital?

What “if they come for us”? What if there’s a strike of capital? By Mick Brooks [continue...]

Defend Moshe Machover – rescind his expulsion!

Defend Moshe Machover
– rescind his expulsion!
LRC Statement Professor Emeritus Moshe Machover has been expelled from the Labour Party. Machover is Jewish and Israeli, the co-founder of Matzpen, the socialist organisation which from the ‘60s to the ‘80s brought together Arab and Jewish opposition to the illegal occupation of Palestine. [continue...]

LRC fringe: Driving forward Labour’s socialist transformation

LRC fringe:
Driving forward Labour’s socialist transformation
By Michael Calderbank [continue...]

PFI Swindle to End

PFI Swindle to End By Mick Brooks Labour’s Conference welcomed Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s pledge to bring back Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contracts back in-house. No wonder. PFI has been a long-running scandal, sucking taxpayers’ money into subsidising enormous profits for private firms.  [continue...]

Labour’s NEC Report

Labour’s NEC has started to empower Party members –
but we still have a mountain to climb

Michael Calderbank
Secretary of Brent Central Constituency Labour Party and LRC NEC [continue...]

LRC Meeting at Labour Conference

LRC Meeting at Labour Conference Forward to a Labour Government  [continue...]

LRC Meeting at TUC

LRC Meeting at TUC Tories Out! Unite Our Movement to Defeat Austerity

Tuesday 12 September at 18:30–21:00 [continue...]

After Grenfell

After Grenfell By Labour Briefing Theresa May’s woes since the general election have only multiplied. To obtain a parliamentary majority, she has been forced into a confidence and supply deal with the sectarian and homophobic Democratic Unionist Party. It came with a £1 billion price tag in investment in northern Ireland - effectively a bribe - and the DUP have promised to demand more when the arrangement comes up for reconsideration in two years’ time - if May’s government lasts that long.  [continue...]

The Lynching - a one-woman show

The Lynching - a one-woman show
- written and performed by Black Jewish anti-racist campaigner Jackie Walker and Norman Thomas[continue...]

CLPD Contemporary Motions for LP Conference

CLPD Contemporary Motions for LP Conference The Campaign for Labour Party Democracy is suggesting the following motions.
The deadline for receipt of contemporary motions is Thursday 14th September.
The title has a maximum of 10 words and the motion a maximum of 250 words. [continue...]

McDonald’s Workers Historic Step, in their Fght for Fairness

McDonald’s Workers Historic Step, in their Fight for Fairness By Ian Hodson, president of the Bakers, Food and Allied Woorkers’ Union [continue...]

Grenfell: We Need Full Enquiry

Grenfell: We Need Full Enquiry Matt Wrack, General Secretary of the Fire Brigades Union, said earlier this week,  “The prime minister was subject to severe criticism in the days after the fire. Since then, we have seen the start of a campaign to protect the government and place the blame anywhere else, anywhere but Whitehall,”  [continue...]

New Report Exposes UK Aid Policy Failings

New Report Exposes UK Aid Policy Failings

Mike Phipps
welcomes a new report from Global Justice Now - Re-imagining UK Aid: What a Progressive Strategy Could Look Like [continue...]

Vote, Vote Vote for Seema and Billy

Conference Arrangements Committee elections VOTE FOR THE LEFT SLATE: SEEMA AND BILLY! [continue...]

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By Ian Hodson It’s great news that a mainstream political party has recognised the importance of taking positive action to raise pay. Since 2008, politicians from all parties along with many in the media, have pushed the narrative that society will somehow improve by imposing austerity and blaming minority groups for the state of the country’s finances. Sadly, many have fallen for this deception and the ‘look over there’ politics that has rose to prominence since the Conservatives returned to power in 2010. [continue...]

Folkestone United – coming together to support migrants Bridget Chapman, Folkestone United, reports [continue...]

No Witch-Hunts In The GMB, Reinstate Keith Henderson (The Online Petition) Keith Henderson Essex LRC member and former Regional Organiser of the GMB Union was dismissed from the GMB last December, Keith has always believed that the real reason for his dismissal was because of his socialist beliefs and the manifestation of his beliefs. [continue...]

Please see our Labour Briefing Website here: LabourBriefing.org [continue...]

The LRC is supporting a broad alliance of campaign groups and trade unions against the proposals in the Welfare Reform Bill (currently before Parliament) and putting forward our alternative based on social justice and welfare for all. [continue...]

Across the country working people are losing their jobs and their homes. Meanwhile the bankers who plunged us into this crisis have been bailed out with billions of pounds of our money. It’s time to fight back. Their Crisis Not Ours! is the LRC’s campaign to bring together workers, pensioners, the unemployed, students, those facing repossession and all those suffering because of an economic crisis that has been imposed on us. The campaign is supporting the demands of the People’s Charter. [continue...]

Rail bosses are using the recession as an excuse to attack jobs and conditions and cut back on services and essential rail works, and hike rail fares - as LEAP research suggested they would. Thousands of jobs are being threatened or have been lost. At the same time rail fat cats are raking in big profits and bonuses on the back of the most expensive fares in Europe. Make no mistake: as the recession worsens so will the attack on rail workers and rail services. [continue...]

The campaign calling on the Government to abandon its plans for privatisation of Royal Mail. The Government has introduced the Postal Services Bill to part-privatise the Royal Mail. With our affiliate union CWU we are fighting to Keep the Post Public! [continue...]

The campaign to demand the Government funds improvements to all existing council housing, and to start building first class council homes to address housing need. For more information see Defend Council Housing website. [continue...]


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