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LRC statement on Free Education and 9/12 demo

Their Crisis Not Ours!

The LRC condemns the Coalition government for voting through the trebling of tuition fees, for abolishing the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) and the 80% cut in central teaching grant to Higher Education institutions. [continue...]

Labour MPs should join the students’ demonstrations and back the occupations

MPs will vote tomorrow (Thu 9 Dec) on whether to increase university tuition fees up to as much as £9,000 per year. LRC members and affiliates will be joining students on the streets in a final attempt to pressure MPs to vote against these plans. [continue...]

LRC welcomes x:talk report on Sex Work and Trafficking

The LRC has welcomed the report launched this month by the x:talk project ‘Human Rights, Sex Work and the Challenge of Trafficking: Human rights impact assessment of anti-trafficking policy in the UK’. Download a copy of the report[continue...]

LRC calls for no tuition fees

The LRC is taking part in the UCU and NUS organised Stop Education Cuts demo in London today (10 Nov). The LRC has clear policy against tuition fees and calls for their total abolition. Education, including higher education, should be funded out of general taxation. [continue...]

Housing Benefit reforms will cause “immense human suffering” says John McDonnell MP

Defend council housing

LRC Chair John McDonnell MP last night condemned government proposals to cut housing benefit. John, speaking in a Parliamentary debate in the House of Commons on Housing Benefit, attacked opposition MPs for blaming tenants and not landlords for extortionate rents, and called for an emergency housing programme. [continue...]

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