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LRC calls for no tuition fees

10th November 2010

The LRC is taking part in the UCU and NUS organised Stop Education Cuts demo in London today (10 Nov). The LRC has clear policy against tuition fees and calls for their total abolition. Education, including higher education, should be funded out of general taxation.

John McDonnell MP, LRC Chair, who will be joining the demo said:

“The government’s proposals to treble tuition fees is an absolute disgrace. It will further exclude working class students from going to university. The policy is made more outrageous as it will be carried in Parliament on the votes of Lib Dem MPs who personally signed up to pledges opposing fees.”

Andrew Fisher, LRC joint secretary, who is still paying back student debt ten years after graduating said:

“The LRC will be supporting this demo today because this government is taking away the basic social right to an education. Fees of up to £9,000 per year will land graduates with a lifetime of debt and effectively bar students from lower and middle income backgrounds.

“There is no way I or many other students from similar backgrounds would have gone to university facing fees of £9,000. The LRC will fight to oppose these proposals and to win the Labour Party to a no fees position.”

Update 11 Nov: John McDonnell MP, LRC Chair, said: “The real vandalism is not a few Millbank windows broken but £9000 fees destroying the hopes of so many young people going to university”

John McDonnell on the demo:

LRC banner on the demo:


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