Press release archive - September 2009

Labour MP calls for full public inquiry into Construction Industry

22nd September 2009
The OFT has today fined 103 construction companies for rigging bids for contracts. This follows the scandal of construction companies abusing its workforce through blacklisting practices, and increasing continue...

LRC welcomes TUC backing for People’s Charter

17th September 2009
The TUC has today voted overwhelmingly to support The People’s Charter* which calls for higher taxes on the wealthiest and companies, investment in new jobs, building new council housing, the renationalisation continue...

LRC calls for justice for former Visteon workers

9th September 2009
Ex-Visteon workers will today be campaigning outside the offices of the Unite union in order to promote their plight, following the collapse of the UK arm of the motor industry component supplier, Visteon continue...