Press release archive - May 2010

CWU members call for John McDonnell on the ballot paper

25th May 2010
A packed fringe meeting of over 150 CWU activists today called for John McDonnell MP to be on the ballot paper for Labour Party leader.

John McDonnell MP was speaking alongside CWU General continue...

Cuts coalition government launches savage stealth attack on unemployed

25th May 2010
Cuts unveiled yesterday by the coalition Government have been exposed as a dramatic attack on unemployment by Labour leadership contender John McDonnell.

The civil service recruitment freeze continue...

McDonnell welcomes the victory in extending nomination period but calls on the Party to go further

20th May 2010
John McDonnell MP said:

“Now that the Party has acceded to our campaign for the extension of the deadline for nominations, it is crucial that they go a step further and allow for a reduction continue...

McDonnell welcomes Diane Abbott to Leadership race

20th May 2010
John McDonnell MP, already backed by the LRC and Unison United Left, said:

“I welcome Diane’s candidacy and urge other women and ethnic candidates to come forward from continue...

Labour MP con-dems the “coalition of the cutters”

12th May 2010
John McDonnell MP warns of the Lib Dem-Tory “coalition of the cutters” - accusing the Lib Dems of selling out the country by delivering us all up to Tory cuts in public services.
John McDonnell continue...

The Left will not support a ‘Cuts Coalition’

11th May 2010
The LRC Executive has rejected proposals for a coalition with the Liberal Democrats to implement ‘savage cuts’. Instead, we will build a coalition against cuts with Labour members, trade unionists continue...

Left and trade unions organising coalition to defeat cuts by ‘neoliberal coalition government’

7th May 2010
The left and trade unions have started organising a broad coalition against the incoming coalition government and its plans to cut public services, jobs, pensions and benefits. There is no popular mandate continue...

LRC welcomes strong vote for Labour Left MPs

7th May 2010
. . . votes are a mandate for resistance to cuts

LRC-backed Labour Left MPs bucked the national trend by increasing the Labour vote in their constituencies. The strong votes continue...