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Fighting cuts locally, nationally and internationally

9th November 2012

Labour left conference to organise resistance at every level against austerity

The largest organisation on the Labour left holds its conference this weekend (10) in London to organise resistance and solidarity against austerity.

LRC chair John McDonnell MP, will say:

“Labour must resist the cuts faced by working class communities and offer a genuine alternative based upon the redistribution of wealth and public ownership.

“To prevent further damage to our communities, Labour must come out firmly against cuts and privatisation now, before it is too late.”

The conference will discuss a strategy to fight the cuts being imposed at local level, with a panel of Labour councillors from across the UK sharing their experiences, and hear from FBU general secretary Matt Wrack about the attacks facing the fire service and the need to fight back industrially, including examining the practicalities of a general strikes

A session chaired by Labour MP and international peace and trade union campaigner Jeremy Corbyn MP will hear from speakers from Greek socialists Syriza, Jean-Luc Melenchon’s Front de Gauche and German party Die Linke.

Jeremy Corbyn MP said:

“The message is clear – that the people of Europe face the same attacks and must unite in solidarity against austerity imposed at the behest of bondholders , speculators and privatisers, rather than retreat into nationalist divides.”


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