Press release archive - June 2010

John McDonnell launches Bill to restore the right to strike

30th June 2010
John McDonnell, supported by the Trade Union Co-ordinating Group, presented his Private Members’ Bill to parliament today. If adopted, the Bill would significantly improve unions’ ability to defend continue...

Emergency Budget: Redistribution from poor to big business

22nd June 2010
The Emergency Budget will redistribute wealth from the poor to big business. The Budget announced a 4% cut in corporation tax from 28% to 24%, a higher threshold for employer NI contributions and employer continue...

As one door closes another one opens. John McDonnell tops the Private Members’  Bill ballot

10th June 2010
John McDonnell MP has been drawn first in the Private Members’ Bill Ballot today and has opted for bill to tackle abuse of trade union ballots by employers.

John McDonnell said:  continue...

LRC calls on the Party to allow all the candidates on to the ballot paper

8th June 2010
The LRC is calling on party members and trade unionists to lobby the Labour Party NEC to lower the threshold to 5% to allow all candidates onto the ballot paper for Labour leader.

Please continue...

Unite conference overwhelmingly adopts motion calling for all candidates on ballot for Labour leader

3rd June 2010
Following a packed fringe meeting at which John McDonnell spoke, an emergency resolution was put before the Unite conference in Manchester this morning and was overwhelmingly carried calling upon Labour continue...