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Mick Shaw: “a true socialist”

The LRC is sad to report that former FBU President Mick Shaw has died, aged 53. Mick was a member of the LRC since its (re)formation in 2004, serving on the National Committee, and addressing LRC meetings and conferences.  [continue...]

Anti-poor ‘prejudice and political posturing’ reigns in Parliament, says John McDonnell MP

Stop Welfare Reform

The Government today (1 Feb) reversed seven House of Lords amendments to the Welfare Reform Bill, and invoked a rarely used parliamentary statute to prevent any further consideration of the Bill. Restrictions to disabled people’s benefits, including cancer patients, and a cap on the amount a household can claim were the centrepieces of the government’s bill – despite massive opposition from the House of Lords, the Labour Party, welfare organisations, charities and disability campaigners. [continue...]

Stand Up, Don’t Sell Out. The Fight Goes On

LRC Executive Statement on public sector pensions: Leaders of the TUC and some trade unions have split the trade union movement today by capitulating to the Government, betraying not only their own members but also undermining the teachers’, civil servants’ and health service workers’ unions. [continue...]

Labour MPs and councillors back 30 November strike and say ‘we won’t cross picket lines’

Labour's Future

On 30 November thousands of ordinary Labour members will be backing public sector workers in their dispute with the government. In Scotland all Labour MSPs have pledged their support and will not cross picket lines at Holyrood. Likewise Labour AMs in Wales will not cross picket lines at Cardiff Bay. [continue...]

Labour is a political movement not a fanclub

Labour's Future

. . .Grassroots labour activists and MPs reluctantly call for rejection of Refounding Labour [continue...]

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