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LRC pays tribute to ‘courageous working class leader’ Jack Jones

The LRC is paying tribute to the life of Jack Jones, former leader of the Transport & General Workers Union, who fought in the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s, and after he stepped down as a trade union leader became President of the National Pensioners’ Convention. [continue...]

‘Labour to the core’ Alice Mahon leaving shows ‘political catastrophe’ for Party

Labour's Future

Former Halifax Labour MP Alice Mahon, a member for over 50 years, has resigned from the Labour Party. Alice Mahon was elected to the LRC National Committee at the November 2008 LRC Conference, topping the poll. [continue...]

New Labour’s Tory welfare policies prompt Labour rebellion

Stop Welfare Reform

Labour MPs rebelled tonight against proposals in the Welfare Reform Bill that introduce workfare, attack the rights of lone parents and herald in further privatisation of the welfare state.
John McDonnell MP, LRC Chair, said:  [continue...]

Royal Mail privatisation betrayal will unleash mass opposition

Keep the post public

The Government will be unveiling a Bill on Thursday, 26th February to part-privatise Royal Mail. Tomorrow (24th Feb), hundreds of CWU members and community activists will be lobbying Parliament to oppose the privatisation of the Royal Mail. [continue...]

Left vows to fight Welfare Bill tooth and nail

Stop Welfare Reform

The Government has today published its Welfare Reform Bill. The Bill contains measures that will see income support abolished, further privatisation of welfare services and attacks on entitlement to lone parents, disabled people and those unemployed. [continue...]

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