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‘Labour to the core’ Alice Mahon leaving shows ‘political catastrophe’ for Party

18th April 2009

Former Halifax Labour MP Alice Mahon, a member for over 50 years, has resigned from the Labour Party. Alice Mahon was elected to the LRC National Committee at the November 2008 LRC Conference, topping the poll.

John McDonnell MP, LRC Chair, said:

“Alice Mahon was one of the hardest working, most dedicated and principled members of Parliament in the Labour Party’s entire history. The Labour leadership clique should sit-up and recognise the Labour Party has a serious problem on its hands.

“When someone as Labour to the core as Alice Mahon is forced to leave the Labour Party, the Labour leadership must appreciate the political catastrophe that is emerging. We need the Prime Minister to immediately launch an inquiry into the operation of the Party with the aim of restoring democracy.”

LRC Vice Chair, Susan Press said:

“In losing Alice Mahon, Labour has lost one of its greatest champions for peace and social justice. But I’m glad to say Alice will still be my friend and comrade.”


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