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Cuts coalition government launches savage stealth attack on unemployed

25th May 2010

Cuts unveiled yesterday by the coalition Government have been exposed as a dramatic attack on unemployment by Labour leadership contender John McDonnell.

The civil service recruitment freeze will damage unemployment services at a time of rising unemployment. Since the recession, Jobcentre Plus has recruited around 15,000 staff on fixed-term temporary contracts, but these are now under threat as the coalition government promises to “cut the number of temporary staff”.

The document also proposes to cuts the Future Jobs Fund and recruitment subsidy which will damage the employment prospects of young people and the long-term unemployed.

John McDonnell MP said:

“With unemployment rising, this attack on welfare is nothing short of brutal. People need more help, not less, in finding suitable employment.

“These cuts will not save money if they lead to the welfare bill increasing as the remaining dedicated Jobcentre Plus staff have less time to help people back into work.

“The cuts to the Future Jobs Fund and ending recruitment subsidies will particularly hurt the young unemployed – at a time when youth unemployment is at record levels.

“These cuts show that far from the Tory party casting off its ‘nasty party’ tag, it has now been joined by the Liberal Democrats.”


*John McDonnell successfully campaigned for more Jobcentre Plus staff to be recruited in 2008/09 following questions in Parliament and meetings with then Secretary of State James Purnell


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