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Labour MP con-dems the “coalition of the cutters”

12th May 2010

John McDonnell MP warns of the Lib Dem-Tory “coalition of the cutters” - accusing the Lib Dems of selling out the country by delivering us all up to Tory cuts in public services.
John McDonnell MP, LRC Chair, said:

“In return for the bauble of the title of deputy prime minister and a few seats in cabinet Nick Clegg has sold out the country by delivering us all up to the Tories for the most savage assault on our public services since the 1980s under Thatcher.
“I am urging Labour MPs to go back to their constituencies and prepare for the fightback. Our task now is to mobilise our communities to fightback against every threat from this coalition of the cutters to close our hospitals and clinics, to shut our classrooms and cut teachers, and to attack our pensions and welfare benefits.”

The LRC is co-hosting a post-election meeting on Saturday 15th May, After the Election . . . Join the Resistance!

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