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Fighting cuts locally, nationally and internationally

Labour left conference to organise resistance at every level against austerity The largest organisation on the Labour left holds its conference this weekend (10) in London to organise resistance and solidarity against austerity. [continue...]

John McDonnell MP to bring radical alternative to Croydon

Labour's Future

The MP who chairs the Labour Representation Committee will speak alongside a Croydon councillor at a public meeting in the borough on alternatives to the coalition government’s cuts programme. [continue...]

Government to block Private Members Bill giving Parliament a say in Appointment of new BoE Governor

Their Crisis Not Ours!

The Government’s frontbench as decided to block the Private Member’s Bill, promoted by John McDonnell MP, which would give Parliament a say over the appointment of the next Governor of the Bank of England. [continue...]

Voters reject coalition cuts policies. Time for Labour’s alternative

Labour's Future

On 3 May, voters across England, Wales and Scotland firmly rejected the austerity policies of the coalition government. Hundreds of Conservative and Liberal Democrat councillors were booted out of office, with large swings against the governing parties. [continue...]

Standing up for pensions is defending our NHS, Labour activists tell NHS staff

Members of the largest health union (Unison) will be balloted from tomorrow (11 April) on whether to accept the government’s pensions offer. NHS staff in the Royal College of Midwives and the GMB are also being balloted this month, following the decision by Unite union members to reject (94% to 6%) the pensions offer last month. Unite members in the NHS are planning for strike action, while the British Medical Association will ballot its members for strike action next month (details of all ballots below). [continue...]

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