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Unite conference overwhelmingly adopts motion calling for all candidates on ballot for Labour leader

3rd June 2010

Following a packed fringe meeting at which John McDonnell spoke, an emergency resolution was put before the Unite conference in Manchester this morning and was overwhelmingly carried calling upon Labour MPs to nominate to ensure all candidates are on ballot paper.

The resolution follows statements of support for John McDonnell’s candidacy by a large number of delegates. Union delegates argued that having a full range of candidates on the ballot paper would give their union members a democratic say over the future of the Labour Party.

The point was forcefully made in the debate that without John on the ballot paper, union members from the Party’s largest affiliate would be denied a democratic voice in this election.

John McDonnell MP said:

“I’m hoping that Labour MPs will listen to the members of our largest affiliated organisation and nominate so that all declared candidates are on the ballot paper and that trade union members will be given a proper choice.”

A Statement has also been issued by the Unite United Left:

United Left, the Socialist rank and file movement in Unite The Union, is delighted that today Thursday 3rd June delegates at UNITE the Union’s very first Policy Conference in Manchester, voted overhwelmingly to support an emergency motion calling on all UNITE MPs to use their nominations for Labour Party Leader to ensure that all candidates achieve sufficient nominations to get onto the ballot paper.

UNITE is now officially requesting UNITE MPs to carry out the wishes of their delegate conference, and UNITED LEFT urges all its activists to individually contact not only UNITE MPs but all MPs who have not nominated to urge them to do the same.

UNITED LEFT in particular wishes to see John McDonnell MP gain sufficient nominations to get onto the ballot paper, as his candidature offers a real chance for a left vision to be offered to trade unionists and CLP members in the coming leadership race, and therefore a real alternative to the New Labour candidates who are currently the only candidates assured of enough nominations. We need a real debate throughout the Labour and Trade Union Movement on the future direction of the Labour Party to inspire working people, bring back trade unionists into the Party and assure the British electorate that the Labour Party is capable once more of representing progressive working class views.

Martin Mayer
Chair United Left


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